The smell of fresh grass, damp sand, the creek water splashing over the rocks a few feet away, and the first flickerings of the new dawn rising over the tops of the leafy trees surrounding me. It is etherial, haunting, refreshing to the soul … and I am still a youth of 16 years … my life ahead of me …I look to the new horizons with faith in what is yet to be ….and with no regrets about what has gone before.

It is fairly silent in this place of natural beauty — with the exceptions of fish splashing in the pooled creek water, something unseen crashing through the underbrush a few yards distant … is it another person, a fox, a dog, something more sinister and threatening? Maybe it is the echoes of my mind. Have to remember to tred lightly so as not to step on a snake or worse. I exult in the downward flow of the rising illumination of the new day … a warm breeze and then a cooler one …. licking against me like an affectionate angel.

It is a strange dance that I dance with Mother Nature in these kinds of times. She is so much bigger than me, so much stronger than me, yet she caresses me gently as we dance together in the beginning of this new day. I sense Mother Earth beneath my feet — my nostrils take in the smoke of the distant camp fire. My mouth is yearning for freshly-fried fish over the campfire … and the hush puppies … combining the best elements of the primitive natural world with that of the more socialized, the more populated, the more “Civilized” as it were.

It is a sacred time for a younger person such as I once was and never shall be again. Yet the memories persist and the images still come … and they bring a refreshment to what was experienced back then in that cavern of lost time.

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