This morning I got on the computer and ordered another bottle of “Cool Cayenne” from Swanson Vitamins. I take the cayenne because I believe it helps my digestive system and my circulation. I am not prescribing this for anybody; I am just telling you why I take it. My bottle had expired and I needed a new one and now I will be getting it.

The lawn mowing man came and mowed the lawn this week. He came immediately following the day the big snow fell here at the last part of April. I am surprised he did not show up earlier to mow the snow. LOL.

Since I love steak so well, I am going to try and roast a couple of them rather than grilling them. That should be interesting. I believe I will start off with New York Strip steaks.

So I see that prices are going up on almost everything again and the powers that be are blaming the inflation on the Pandemic. Every time the Earth lets a fart the greed mongers raise prices on everything they can raise them on. Big hurricane? Price increases follow. Bit Snow storm? Price increases follow! Big wildfire? Price increases follow. Hot temperatures? Price increases follow.

There is a way around this if you have the guts to go for it —- Whenever one of those trucks comes around your neighborhood giving out free food “For the Needy” then suddenly join the ranks of the “Needy” and go and get yourself a few boxes of free goodies. I have seen an awfully lot of expensively-dressed people driving $40,000 cars and SUVs showing up at these food distribution points and loading up… so if they can do it, why can’t I?

Today it is time for me to take a shower again. I like to get at least one shower in each week if possible. (You know that I am lying, don’t you?) — LOL. I did have a dermatologist tell me once that I should never wash anything unless it was absolutely dirty. I sure would hate to be the one who has to sleep with that dermatologist and I certainly do feel sorry for his wife if, in fact, he is married at all. Me? I am much too addicted to fine fragrances, imported soaps and soft, warm water to forego showering.

All the news outlets seem to be advertising the upcoming Hollywood Oscar Awards. In my opinion, the “Oscars” is just another good excuse to drink a glass of chardonnay or benedictine and let the world go by. I never watch them because I consider them to be among the most boring presentations on any media. But for those who do like the stuff that Hollywood puts out these days I say, “Go for it if it is your thing.”

So President Biden has come out and called the Genocide of all those Armenians “Genocide.” I hear that after he did this, the leader of the Turkish government got all fired up and angry. Turkey is supposed to be an ally of ours, isn’t it? So is Biden screwing with an ally or is he just setting the historical record straight? And while I am on this subject, what kind of ally is Turkey to The United States these days … good, better, best, or —- put your own label on it.

The news is that the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is now back into production. I am sure that is good news to the millions of unvaccinated who are hearing the news about all the blood clots charged to the credit of this particular vaccine. If there was a small market for vaccine hesitancy before, there surely will be a bigger market for it now …. I mean to say that if somebody told me that I had a one-in-a-million chance of getting a blood clot from a vaccine, I would be asking myself, “Am I willing to be that one-in-a-million? I am waiting to see how this one plays out.

Catch you later, folks. Thanks for visiting. Come often!

Love to all,


2 thoughts on “More

  1. I would take that one-in-a-million chance and have the vaccine. The odds of ending up on a ventilator otherwise are much smaller.
    Turkey is just a place for America to have bases and airfields. If they stop America using them, no doubt Biden will find somewhere else to house his troops and planes.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I eat a lot of spicy food….so I do not need the pill….steaks are best on a grill in my opinion…..I care nothing about the “Oscars”……have a good Sunday….be well chuq

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