Just For You

I, Strength, Self-Esteem, Self Liberation

Thinking back on the events of your day … your week … the past month … the past year … ask yourself the question, “What Have I Done Exclusively and Specifically For Myself?” Do not fear that this is a question of selfishness. This is not a selfish question. As human beings, we are entitled to free ourselves from external obligations once in a while in order to refresh ourselves, strengthen ourselves … and in this time period, it is permissible to do something that benefits nobody except yourself.

The fact is that to the extent we fail to adequately reward ourselves from time to time, that is the extent to which we fail in our efforts to help other people when help is needed. It is truly a universal law that we cannot fully comprehend the needs of other people unless and until we understand our own needs and we cannot adequately address the needs of others until we have learned to take care of ourselves.

The old saying is, “First To T hine Own Self Be True.” There is a reason for that. It is like pain and sickness. A person cannot truly appreciate being well and healthy unless they have suffered some pain and sickness. A person cannot truly appreciate success unless that person has experienced some failures. Understanding pain drives us to avoid it at all costs and understanding failure is an impetus to our own greater success.

So what have you allowed yourself to reward yourself with recently? You certainly deserve something. In fact, you need it if you are going to grow.

5 thoughts on “Just For You

    1. You are lucky to have a grand daughter who would appreciate your legacy of writing. I have a 2000 page history of my home town in our local library and none of my kids have ever cracked the cover and I doubt they ever will.

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