What Matters Most Changes In Time

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I used to worry a lot about making impressions …. with fellow employees … with customers ….. with board members …. with waiters in restaurants …. with concierges ….with bankers …. with a lot of people. That was so long ago the whole thing is barely a memory anymore.

The big decisions of the day often included, “Should I buy the $500 suit or the $1,100 suit? The medium rare filet mignon with a dram glass of Benedictine as an aperitif ….. or Chateau Briand flamed at the table …. or African Rock Lobster tails. “Should I tip the chef as well as the Maitre De?” I do know for sure that a chef worth his keep will actually often chase you from a restaurant if you make the mistake of ordering a Filet Mignon well done! LOL

The insulated feeling of riding in a large car with a driver …. a car with a wet bar in the passenger compartment, behind the driver … and a telephone as part of the vehicle’s amenities. The driver always opening your door for you. Hoping that onlookers were impressed. Hoping (Knowing) (Having Faith) that your security detail was somewhere nearby ….Watching the face of a homeless person when you hand them a Hundred Dollar bill …..

I don’t work at making impressions anymore. I just watch the roses grow now ….

8 thoughts on “What Matters Most Changes In Time

            1. I have nothing to gain by flattering you. My comment was impersonal and objective. The truth is the truth, plain and simple. Your gravatar is … beautiful. God only creates beauty. In the great Garden of God there are only flowers. Hold your head high dear soul. God only sees you as beautiful and the image you present to the world around you is the same image that God holds about you.

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