Avoid Garden Soil Compaction

So you are gardening this year and you discover that your soil is hard as a rock and will not absorb any moisture or hold enough oxygen to allow for your seeds to germinate and begin to grow … oh, what to do?

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First of all learn to keep your heavy feet off your garden soil … do not tramp around in it with no regard to the fact that you might be packing it down with each step you take. If you need to walk around inside your garden then install a few stepping stones (Easily obtainable at any nursery or hardware store) or make a special path in the garden and stick to using it exclusively.

Make the width of your garden beds (The places in the garden where you plant things) no wider than the length of your arm. This way, if you want to reach the middle of your garden bed from the walk path you have made, you will have an easy time of it.

If you’ve got kids or animals running loose, make sure to put a fence around your garden or build some special containers and raise your entire garden far enough off the ground that they cannot run loose through your plants.

Give up on the ideal of tilling the soil in your garden because it can cause a lot of damage to all the natural organisms living there …. organisms that are necessary to the good health of the soil. Instead of tilling the soil, consider using a lot of compost or mulch. You will be happy you made the decision. The only time you really need to till your soil is if it is already compacted. In that case, you need to till it to break up the soil on top and then you can use wood chips or mulch to fix the problem.

If you don’t want to mess with any of it, you can always find fresh vegetables at the local farmers’ market.

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