I Took A Walk Today

My walk today did not take me through high grass or cornfields but I have done that and enjoyed it immensely.

High Grass, Walk, Relax, Enjoy, Grasses, Nature
The Sun finally came out and decided to shine a little warmth our way today so I got on the old walking shoes (One pair out of 6 on hand) and set off down the block with nowhere special in mind. I just wanted to get out and go for a while.

Somewhere along the way, I crossed a bridge over a creek and stopped to lean on the railing and look at the water down below. I had hoped to see some minnows in the clear, still water of the creek … or a turtle … or something … but there was nothing except the fresh new green growth of Spring appearing all along the creek bank as well as everywhere else where things normally grow.

The wind is blowing fairly steadily today and I am sure it is strong enough to support a kite flight .. if, in fact, I had a kite … which I don’t. This is the time of year when I start to enjoy the shady places too and the leaves are appearing on the trees everywhere I look. These are good things in my book! I love the trees and the grasses and flowers of Spring and Summer. I even like dandelions. Everybody I know tells me how much they hate the Dandelions but I think their yellow fluffiness and vaguely sweet smell is just wonderful.

I can’t wait for the Irises to bloom either.

There weren’t many other people out and about today … I did see a few automobiles pass me … but no one on foot. There were some children playing unseen somewhere down the street from where I was. I did hear them.

A few dogs barked.

Some birds chirped.

Apparently the things that normally bubble and boil and growl and whistle and rustle and roar have not yet appeared in great enough number to create the ordinary symphonies of the season that is now upon us. But it will all manifest in good time, I am sure of that!

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