How To Really Enjoy Pop Corn

It is gauche to simply throw handfuls of popcorn into your mouth and munch like some grazing animal. Popcorn is a delicacy and has its own refinements and should be treated with the respect it deserves.

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Use Only Gourmet Popcorn! It Pays Dividends.

Ideally, one should approach popcorn gently, one grain at a time at the beginning and then a few more later.

Take a grain of your cooked popcorn and hold it between your thumb and first finger. Look at it closely and see how the light and the shadows play around the puffs in the grain that you have chosen.

Then bring it up to your nose and gently inhale its aroma … just like you would do with a glass of the finest Madeira

After this, break the “Petals” off the grain that have appeared during the cooking and place them, one by one gently on the tip of your tongue savoring the texture.

Then repeat the exercise using a few more grains in your hand.

Chew the first grain that you eat 28 times before swallowing it.

Do the same for the other amounts that you consume throughout the adventure. Chewing anything 28 times insures proper mastication and digestion.

To add some class (Panache) to your popcorn adventure, pop it in a copper pan and use real butter that has been slightly browned in a skillet on a stove top

To add some glamor, serve the popcorn in a fine china tureen.

There is a reason for browning the butter —– .Brown butter, also known by many gourmets as beurre noisette, is made by cooking unsalted butter long enough to turn the milk solids brown while cooking out any water present in the butter. Often described as tasting nutty or toasty, it has a deeper, richer, more intense flavor than melted or clarified butter..

Be sure and give each guest who partakes of this popcorn with you a fine linen napkin of at least an 800 thread count weave to keep their fingers clean.

People who are of legal age will find a nice glass of champagne to be a wonderfully refreshing accompaniment to this popcorn.

Remember to eat the popcorn when it is between 140 to 150-degrees Fahrenheit. For most people this is comfortably hot without being too hot. (It cooks best at 180-degrees but you do not want to put something that is 180-degrees into your mouth. Trust me.)

Please remember to serve each guest at least 22 fully popped kernels of the popcorn as a serving. If you wish to present this dish artfully then squeeze a thin line of the butter onto the plate …. make a half moon-shaped line of the butter on the plate beside the popcorn itself.

Remember to serve the popcorn fresh … because, in my opinion, popcorn that is more than 30 minutes old isn’t worth eating and should be put out for the birds.

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