Imaginary Billionaire (3)

One of the best things you are ever going to discover is “Soubise” sauce!

Suit, Man, Laptop, Computer, Businessman, Working

And trust me when I tell you that it is not that hard to make.

It is a mixture of sauteed onions, butter and Bechamel sauce and it is good over roast meats, vegetables, all sorts of things where a touch of class and an inspired treat for the taste buds is desired.

You can find a basic recipe for Soubise sauce here —-

And when you get to the point that you need to add the Bechamel sauce to complete the recipe, you can find it already in a mix — Here —-

So get some good roasted meat or vegetables and make this sauce, pair it all with an artful salad and a fine wine and enjoy!

Of course — and this is obvious and important …. make sure you are of legal age before you drink anything with alcohol in it.

To those who are of legal age to imbibe alcoholic drinks, I would also suggest that before you eat your meal, you might wish to try a dram glass of DOM Benedictine liqueur as an aperitif. (Straight of course.)

Legally required editor note: I am not being compensated in any form or fashion by either Amazon or the makers of the suggested mixes and drinks and if I mention a brand name of any product it is only because I use that product myself and desire to share the information with my readers.

You are welcome.

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