The Visitors

John had laid in bed for awhile that fateful morning because there really was nothing to do or anywhere to go. He had sat up in bed and smoked a cigarette and was pondering the day ahead when there was a knock on the door. “Who the hell can that be at this hour?” he silently asked himself as he rose from the bed and moved toward the door. “I’m coming … I’m coming!” he blurted out impatiently.

He opened the door and saw a tall, well-dressed man … two men actually … both dressed in expensive-looking suits and both carrying leather briefcases. One of the men spoke, “We are from “***** *********” insurance company, London, England, and we have some good news for you this morning. May we come in, please?”

At the same moment, John also noticed that out in the street, in front of his house, there were several News vans, a couple of police cars and an ambulance. A couple of News Reporters with cameramen at their sides, came closer to the opened front door and a couple of them pushed what looked like microphones attached to long poles as close to the door as they could get them.

Feeling a bit unnerved, John raised his voice, “Who the hell are you people and what do you want with me? Are you sure you’ve got the right address?”

The taller of the two men with the briefcases spoke up, “We need to come inside and talk with you, Mr. ***** because you have just become a very wealthy man and we are here to explain it all to you and to work through the details.”

“Bullshit!” John exclaimed, “How the hell have I become a wealthy man? I am a nobody! I don’t hardly have a pot to piss in! How in the hell am I suddenly a wealthy man?”

After a little back and forth with the two men, John waved them into his living room where they all took seats as the men began to unload the contents of their briefcases. “You are the sole heir of a conglomerate of varied businesses with a worth in the hundreds of millions of U.S. Dollars. We have spent a year tracking you down and verifying that you are the sole heir. There is no other. You are it and we are here to seal the deal. Do you have an attorney?”

Of course John had no attorney …. he never needed one … never even thought of ever needing one … but he told the men that he had a lawyer friend. His mind leapt to his buddy, Lennie, who had just passed the bar exams.

The little meeting in the living room lasted for about an hour and the other man in the suit handed John a relatively hefty package … something like an oversized box of checks ….

“And what is this?” John asked, grasping the box.

“That is a Hundred Thousand dollars in cash to get you started with … Here is your unlimited credit card ….We have already deposited a few million dollars for you in various banks ….you can call the banks to verify all this if you wish…”

The man handed John a paper with a lot of phone numbers on them … as it turns out, all the numbers were of various banks. Taking out his antiquated flip phone, John dialed the number of his local home town bank branch and asked to speak to “Cindy,” the branch manager who he knew pretty well.

Cindy verified that there had, indeed, been several hundred thousand dollars deposited in his name with them in a handful of different accounts. “It’s true then?” John gasped … barely able to keep from vomiting …

“It’s all true” Cindy replied … “You are a very rich man, John! Let us know if we can help you with anything.”

John’s head reeled a little … the room seemed to spin a little bit … he felt short of breath … there was sweat forming on his brow … his heart was beating faster now …”I’m sorry, guys” he said to the men in the room, “I have to take a little break right now .. this is all too much shit for me to wrap my head around right now.”

Someone handed John a cold bottle of cola ….The news cameras were in his face now … the lights were exceedingly bright …. John felt a little bit blinded by the bright television camera lights … he barely heard the news man asking, “What are your plans now, Mr. ******?”

“Well,” John answered, “I’m not gonna go to Florida .. I’ll tell you that much!”

The men in the suits told John to get himself a lawyer and they would like to meet with him in an office tower in a large nearby city to go over more details and paperwork. They promised to “Send a car” to pick him up and everybody agreed that 9:00 AM the next day would be ideal.

John got Lenny, the Lawyer on the phone and explained everything that happened. Lenny said that he would be more than happy to go with John to the office tower to meet with the men who had broken the news and to oversee the proceedings of getting everything straightened out.

Need I tell you that John didn’t get much sleep that night?

In fact, if it had not been for a couple of glasses of good bourbon, he wouldn’t have slept a wink all night.

“WTF just happened?” he asked himself as he tossed and turned. “WTF?”

(To be continued … eventually)

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