The Brits Were Not “Coming!” They Were Already In Place!

Paul Revere’s famous saying that he reportedly shouted as he rode from village to village during the Revolutionary War is said to have been, “The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming!”

Paul Revere, Boston, Statue, Massachusetts, American

According to historical reports from the time period, The British were not actually “Coming” because masses of them were already well placed and hiding out in the countryside.

Another mitigating fact is that when this all reportedly happened (Before it was consigned to popular folk lore) the majority of people residing on what is now American soil were, indeed, British themselves and still very much subject to The Crown. If anything, I believe that if Mr. Revere actually shouted anything that fateful evening (Or day as the case might have been) he probably would have uttered something on the order of “The Soldiers Are Coming!” (Or) “The Military Is On The Move And Are Headed This Way.”

Another little known or remembered fact about all this is that Paul Revere most likely was riding a borrowed horse at the time and there is some reason to believe that the borrowed horse was owned by one John Larkin, some kind of merchant residing in or near Charleston.

Revere did not just happen on the advance of the soldiers. It appears that he was a spy and that he and his sons had spent several months listening in on conversations by British soldiers at local pubs. Apparently the Soldiers at the time had never heard of the expression, “Loose Lips Sink Ships.”

Something else that popular History seems to have overlooked is that Paul Revere did not do his famous “Midnight Ride” unaccompanied. In fact, there is some documentation to suggest that he was accompanied by at least two other individuals on that fateful evening, one William Dawes and Dr. Samuel Prescott.

Has anybody ever mentioned that Revere and his cohorts ran into a British ambush later on after the ride and were captured?

It is amazing how the passing of time warps events, isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “The Brits Were Not “Coming!” They Were Already In Place!

  1. Until the end of the Revolutionary War, everyone involved was technically British. They were either rebels, or loyalists, and almost as many fought on the same side as the British as against them.
    But I appreciate the patriotic ‘idea’ of Revere’s Ride. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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