I Got My Infrared Oven Yesterday

Actually my new countertop oven cooks with a combination of direct heat, infrared heat and convection. That is why I was able to get a 5-star-tasting meatloaf from it today in only a total of 35 minutes cook time.

NUWAVE PRIMO Grill Oven with Integrated Digital Temp Probe for PERFECT Results, Convection Top & Grill Bottom for Surround...
I am not being compensated in any form for mentioning the brand, “Nu Wave” or the website “Amazon” in this blog post.

I will not bore you with the details of the recipe for the meatloaf right now because you can go online and search for any number of gourmet meatloaf recipes but I will tell you that this is probably one of the best One-Hundred-Dollar+A-Few that I have spent in a long long time.

The difference in my meatloaf today was that instead of the traditional tomato sauce plus brown sugar topping for the meatloaf, I chose, instead, a bechamel sauce with finely-chopped sauteed-in-butter onions in it.

The side dish was an artfully contrived garden salad.

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