Personal Blogging, The Elusive Magic

In the very earliest days of blogging, most of the blogs were all about all the mundane little events that were significant to somebody and somebody wanted to share those events with the world. But according to all the experts, nobody in the world would be interested in reading typically old-school blogs today because interests in the daily happenings of an individual life no longer appeal to broad audiences. That is what the “Experts” tell us.

I am the proverbial horse of a different color. I do not follow the herd. I am a rugged individualist and I firmly believe that all the great leaders and innovators of this century were men who bucked the tides of “The Ordinary” and “The Accepted” and who did things their own way. I have always believed that if a blogger writes something, regardless of whether it is agonizingly boring or it is excruciatingly capable of invoking physical ejaculation, somebody somewhere will run across it and read it and profit by the experience.

The experts tell us that those mysterious entities called “Search Engines” will ignore anything that is not exciting or that embraces the mundane or the ordinary. Personally I don’t give a flying f**k what search engines and their algorithms do …. I just case my bread out onto the waters of the great Web in the hopes that somebody of good will and curiosity will discover what I have written and be enticed by it, interested in it or enraged by it. With me, writing a blog is like playing the lottery, and with all the millions of blogs out there, getting an audience that reads, appreciates and returns to read some more is part good luck, part work and part persistence If you write it, somebody will come! That has to be some kind of mathematical certainty.

It is sad to think, however that a god damned electronic impulse randomly circulating through the ether-sphere has the capability and the authority to censor what a blogger writes on an Internet that really needs to be a mechanism for free expression to anyone who desires to use it. But, if what the IT guys tell me is true, we bloggers are kept in an electronic cage filled with boundaries that cannot be crossed and policed by horrid little prejudiced electronic things called bots and algorithms. It is sad but it is all we have and we have to abide by the rules in order to gain the audience and that in itself is shit because it forces all bloggers to be cloned, more or less, into something that somebody else wants them to be and what they, themselves are not necessarily interested in being.

Today blogs are not novelties anymore and it is imperative that successful blogging aspirants be focused according to a formula designed by somebody else, somebody unseen, but somebody who has god-like powers over the Internet and what is permitted to go into it or out over it.

With all that said, I hereby promise to do better in the future.

4 thoughts on “Personal Blogging, The Elusive Magic

  1. Writing for a readership is a slippery slope. I ignore all that stuff, and just keep plodding along with a formula that has worked very well for me during the las nine years.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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