Dear Friends (No. 147)

Dear Friends:

I noticed this morning just how green the spinach in my pack of frozen spinach is and I am wondering if the processors have dyed it … and if the processor has dyed it, is it really safe to eat in any significant quantities? Ever since the government cut back on the number of food inspectors, I am beginning to wonder if anything is safe to eat anymore.

It is the middle of May and the weather is still cold enough to kill flowers. I bought a bunch of flowers with the idea of planting them this month but right now all my flowers are under protection in the little shed in the back yard because I am afraid to set them out.

I notice that more and more pandemic restrictions are being lifted now and people, in general, are getting brave enough to start hugging each other again … to start removing their masks …. thinking that the world is returning to normal. But there are still times and places where social distance and masks are still suggested …. but I am afraid that many people are going to ignore the CDC guidelines and just go about their lives as if the pandemic never happened. I am afraid that those kinds of cavalier and careless people might be the reason for a surprise resurgence of the disease sometime in the future. But they don’t seem to be too concerned. It’s like I always said, “Americans are more concerned with their own personal instant gratifications than they are about anything else at all … Life and the quality of life included.

Now that I have mastered the fine art of peeling boiled eggs without wrecking the eggs themselves, I am feeling more fulfilled. I know that sounds a little funny to some people but it really doesn’t take much to make me feel good about things. I remember how happy I was when I finally learned to ride my bicycle without falling off and when I learned to row a boat in a straight line … and when I finally let my investment counselor pick stocks and bonds for me instead of me trying to do it all myself. I remember the days, long gone by now, when I discovered it was a better idea to let the guy who ran my boat do the steering (After I had run it aground on a sand bar) and that it was a better idea for me to nod my head in agreement and keep my mouth shut whenever my wife was arguing with me about something.

We had home-made pizza yesterday. I bought a pre-prepared “Boboli: brand pizza dough crust, topped it with generous helpings of sliced ham, pepperoni, bacon, onion, mushroom, green bell pepper, pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese. It took 20 minutes to bake in my $1,100 convection oven at a temperature of 375 degrees. (Center shelf on the oven.).

Today I am going to attempt thick-cut pork chops in my Nu Wave combination countertop oven with the integrated meat probe. This appliance is supposed to sear the chops, cook them to 150 degrees internal temperature (Medium well) and complete the cooking in a period of from 4 to 8 minutes total. I cannot wait to see if this works the way it is supposed to. I have already done a successful three-pound top sirloin roast in it …. crispy brown on the outside and a perfect medium rare on the inside in a period of 22 minutes total.

I am still working on the so-called “Boiled Egg Diet” and have managed to shed 4 pounds in the last two weeks. The boiled egg diet consists of a breakfast with two boiled eggs and a large naval orange …. a lunch of one protein (Meat, Chicken, Fish) and a large salad. ….. Dinner of one more egg and one more protein choice. After a week on this, I am supposed to return to normal eating for a week, watching my portions, avoiding between meal snacks and then, after the week of normal eating, return to the boiled egg diet for another week if I think I need it. That is what I am doing for myself and I am not suggesting that anyone else do it either … unless they check with their personal physician first.

That Thousand Dollar mattress of mine sleeps like a cloud. I only awoke once last night to go to the bathroom. Other than that, I slept like a rock. My stuffed animals did not get kicked out of bed last night and neither did my extra pillows. (I have Four pillows on this bed.) I originally worried about buying an expensive mattress but after having experienced it, I am glad I got it. It is quite similar to those I had when I stayed in some upscale hotels a few years ago. The mattress that I got rid of was becoming uncomfortable and I had nick-named it, “Rock Bed City.”

A friend of mine who lives in Kentucky told me yesterday how the price of land is sky-rocketing in the rural areas of Kentucky right now. It seems a lot of city folk are running to the country to find some peace and are willing to pay what some of the locals consider to be outrageous prices for parcels of land that are really good for nothing except for building a house on. Once such small parcel of land recently sold in a remote rural area for $388-Thousand dollars. Another lot that was little more than a hill, a hollow and some scrubby plants went for $250-Thousand dollars. Some of our big cities around here are fighting among themselves about whether or not to spend a few million dollars a year to construct what they call “Affordable Housing” within their boundaries. The last great “Affordable Housing” project that I remember being built in a large city anywhere near where I live is now a slum and ready to the wrecking ball.

No more worries around here about keeping sink, shower and bathtub drains clear — I just pour a little full-strength household bleach down them once or twice a month and no problem. Speaking of showers, I will always argue that a fully enclosed shower with four operative shower heads throwing water at me from different directions is still a luxury as is the special area of the bathroom with the heaters and the fans used to drying off after a shower. I call such an arrangement “The Drying Room” but it is not a room at all … just has its own little corner.

Speaking of household products …. I discovered something called “Dawn Power Wash” for dishes the other day and it is a magnificent product in my opinion. (And in order to get the legal requirements for blog posts out of the way, let me tell you that I am not being compensated in any fashion for mentioning a product by brand name on this blog.).

The idea of this dish detergent is that it comes in a refillable spray bottle and all I have to do is spray a little of it onto a sponge, wipe my dishes, pots, pans, knives, forks and spoons with it, rinse it off in clear water and either dry or put them into the drying rack. The results are shockingly magnificent. I have never seen cleaner stuff!

I tried this stuff and showed it to the cook and he was thrilled as well. (Yes, I occasionally dabble in gourmet cooking myself but there is someone else here who does the bulk of the kitchen work.). (In case you were wondering.).

Cooking, Stove, Pan, Pot, Eat, Kitchen, Gourmet, Food

Well, friends and neighbors, I guess that is about all I have for this few minutes of the new day. If something else pops up I will come back on here and talk about it too. Until then,

All my affection,


9 thoughts on “Dear Friends (No. 147)

  1. I bought a ‘memory foam’ mattress a few years back, and it is still as comfortable as on day one. Worth paying double the price of a conventional spring mattress, as it will last twice as long without becoming compressed or lumpy.
    I hope you enjoy your pork chops, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Iuse the power wash as well…..I do stuffed pork chops on the grill… seems that watch what you eat thing would work without all the eggs…..we are having more rain than usual but the weather is good so my roses and veggie garden are flourishing. chuq

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