Dear Friends (150)

I started painting my little storage shed out in my back yard and I remembered how much I hate painting because of all the mess and the cleanup. In the middle of dipping my brush into the paint tray, it came to me: “Why don’t you line the paint tray with some plastic wrap before putting the paint into it. Doing that would make cleaning the paint tray a lot easier after the painting job is done. Sure enough, it worked! Why hadn’t I ever thought of this before?

The plastic wrap as a lining for the paint tray got me to thinking. “What else can I use to make cleaning things a lot easier?”

Well, for one thing ….When I get done cooking meat, for example, in my stainless steel skillets, there is always a layer of stuff that has stuck to the bottom of the skillet and it takes a lot of determined scrubbing and elbow grease to remove the crud. That is, it did take a lot of effort until I poured some white vinegar into the pan while it was still warm from the stove top and let it set for a few minutes. I discovered that it took a lot less rubbing and scrubbing to get even the burned on stuff out of the pan when I used the vinegar.

Speaking of vinegar —– I have one of those solid glass cook tops on my cooking stove and once in awhile I get stuff burned onto it. I hate scraping the glass cook top because I am always afraid of scratching it. So I finally found out that if I mix a little baking soda with some white vinegar — just enough to make a kind of thick paste — and then rub that paste onto the burned on stuff on the glass cook top and let it set for about 15 minutes before rubbing it a little bit with a microfiber cloth or a non-scratch sponge, the burned on gook usually comes off and leaves the stovetop sparkling clean. It sure saves me the expense of buying those specialized glass cook top cleaners.


I hate how the laces on my sneakers manage to untie themselves as I walk or run and they always seem to manage to do it. I have to retie shoes a lot and those laces that come with the shoes in the first place are always too long for some reason. But I found an answer to the self-untying shoe laces:

Shoes, Sneakers, Footwear, Sports Shoes, Sporty

The answer is Elastic shoe laces. I never had heard of elastic shoe laces until I went onto Amazon and found them. They sure give me peace of mind and I use them exclusively now. You would think that shoe manufacturers would include them with the shoes when you purchase them but apparently they haven’t gotten to that point just yet.


Worried about when to plant your flowers this year with all the late frosts that are happening?

Flowers, Pansy, Garden, Violet, Garden Pansy

You can calculate when it will be safe to plant your flowers this year by doing a little research from the climate information found on the following link: —-–
You are welcome.


It seems like things might be starting to open back up a little here where I live as more and more people are getting their covid-19 vaccinations. I notice the experts on the television set are suggesting that we can all do a few more things and do them in a little different manner now …. things like visiting with loved ones without wearing masks …. going without masks in outdoor environments … a few things like that.

One problem, as I see it, is that nobody seems to know very much about how transmissions of the virus happen and a lot of what they are saying and doing seems like educated guess work to me but I have to believe somebody so I am taking full advantage of every opportunity that seems safe for me to take. I am still wearing my mask whenever I go into a super market however and restaurants and theaters are still out of the question for me. I am waiting until the government gives us the “All Clear” to resume our lives as they were in pre-pandemic times. But I know that nothing will ever be truly the same again. I know that there will always be the need to make certain adjustments in lifestyle because, if nothing else, we will face another season of the regular influenza in another few months.

I love pizza and chili-spaghetti but I don’t really have to go to a specialty restaurant to get either one because I have learned to make both of these delicacies at home …. and, if I do say so myself, my home-made pizza and spaghetti taste better to me than the stuff I used to get at a restaurant. So the pandemic has been a win-win for me on this count.


At first I worried about getting the vaccines because there was so much information floating around about it. At first, I had a full-blown case of vaccine hesitancy and imagined all kinds of horrible things that might happen to me if I took the shots.

I finally decided to go ahead and get vaccinated but then the lack of availability of the shots and the agonizing routine of searching for a place to get one and the irritating difficulty in making an appointment caused me to believe that I was never going to get mine.

I finally got both of them (The Moderna Vaccine) and, much to my surprise, I suffered absolutely no ill effects at all save for about a day of feeling a little tireder than usual. Here it is now a few months later and I am fit as a fiddle, fully active as ever and happy as a clam that I took the plunge.

Even though I feel safer now than I did before taking the shots, I am still wearing my mask whenever I go into the supermarkets or other retail establishments …. I am avoiding theaters and restaurants for the time being …. I have never gone to sporting events so I am not missing out anything there ….I am waiting for an official “All Clear” to be announced before I try to return to absolute normal again.

The thing is I had all these negative thoughts about getting the vaccine at first and now I am thrilled that I went ahead and got them once they were available. Now I am waiting to see if I will need a booster shot sometime down the road and if it happens, you can bet your bottom dollar I will be first in line!


Somebody said that the pandemic is causing some neurological disorders among some people. “Neurological Disorders” means that the pandemic is causing some brain damage. I wonder if it is a permanent thing or if goes away after awhile? What worries me most about hearing this news is, “I wonder if this “Neurological Disorder” thing is going to make a few more crazies running around shooting other people with guns?


Liz Cheney has now been voted out of her leadership position within the Republican Party and it was all said to have been done because she went on record to criticize former President Trump. To my way of thinking, and I could be wrong, this move means that the Republican Party as it has been known for decades is now abandoning its old cherished position as Defender of Democracy and is now aligning itself to be seen in the future as the great defender of Trump and his agenda. This is a shift in policy that I believe will change American politics and the direction of The United States for a long long long time. If you have thoughts about all this that you would like to share please leave a comment on the blog here and share with us.


I like my home-made pizza to have a nice crispy crust and here are a couple of ways I make sure it always happens for me:

(1) I brush the edges of my crust with a little olive oil before baking the pizza on the center rack of my oven at a temperature of 450 degrees.

(2) I always use a pizza screen rather than a pizza pan to insure a well-browned and crispy bottom to my pizzas whether home-made or frozen. The holes in the screen allow more heat to get to the bottom of the pizza and it browns better than with a solid pan.

Cheese, Crust, Delicious, Dinner, Eat, Fast Food, Fresh

I do much prefer to make my own pizzas because I can load it up with more toppings than I can normally get from a pizza that I have ordered from a commercial pizza chain or a grocery store.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with adding extra toppings to any pizza — whether it comes from the frozen food section or from a pizzeria!~

I guess there is only so much excitement that a person can squeeze out of a single day so to all of you out there … Good night and God Bless.

4 thoughts on “Dear Friends (150)

  1. Well done on being fully vaccinated. I had my second Astra-Zeneca two weeks ago. I think it has left me feeling unduly tired, but otherwise no ill-effects.
    I have always used boling water in skillets and pans once I dish up the food. Just enough to cover any stained area, then leave it gently simmering on the hot hob. Once it comes time to do the washing up, it just wipes off easily. (Vinegar is good too)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. John those bits left in the skillet are all flavor…..I use some stock to de-glaze the pan…makes a great gravy……I like a thin crust and I add so many toppings that it takes awhile for the pizza to be done…LOL Congrats on the vaccination….my last will be next week…..I do not trust most people to do the right thing so I will continue my efforts even after I am fully covered. chuq

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