This And That (152)

My favorite snack —– I have never picked a favorite snack because I like a lot of things. I would say that popcorn and potato chips are pretty high on the list as is ice cream. But I also like salty snacks that come in bags from the grocery store — things like crunchy cheesy things made from cornmeal and cheese …. I do have a certain affinity for Hershey’s milk chocolate nuggets — and, of all things, candy corn. It is hard to make a decision about a favorite snack when you tend to like so many different things.

Have you ever camped in Berwick upon Tweed? I haven’t!

It appears that the KFC chain has introduced something in Great Britain (England) called “The Gravy Burger.” It is said to be a hamburger with gravy on it and one of their iconic crispy hash brown potato patties on top. That is something I would dearly love to try …. so I am going to do it my own way ….I am going to cook my hamburger meat in such a manner as to make it all crumbly like in a sloppy joe and then I am going to add a cooked patty of hash browns that I buy from the frozen food department of a grocery store and I am going to incorporate brown beef gravy into the crumbled hamburger once it is finished cooking and ready for the bun — just like a sloppy joe.

Sitting in my lawn chair this afternoon, it suddenly dawned on me, “This air that I am feeling is nowhere near the 70 degrees that was predicted. It is still uncomfortably cool.” And somebody is going to tell me about “Global Warming?” What I am thinking is that we are going to have the hottest summer in memory. I fully expect some areas of the State of Texas, for example, to get up to at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit and if things work the way I expect them to, the Governor of Texas is going to declare some areas of his states to be uninhabitable this summer. The area that I am thinking about now is located somewhere near Joshua, Texas and environs.

I bought the egg-peeling device from a place on Amazon and it arrived today and I couldn’t wait to try it out!

your orders

As always let me tell you that I am not being compensated at all in any way for mentioning EZ Egg or the website Amazon.

I followed the instructions and instead of boiling my eggs, I steamed them in a metal steamer basket for a period of 15 minutes. After steaming the eggs, I plunged them into an ice water bath for 20 minutes.

Then i put the required amount of water into the EZ Egg gadget along with three of the steamed eggs. Following instructions, I shook the device with the eggs in it for about 12 seconds making sure that I did not shake them too hard. This process caused the shells to virtually fall off the eggs leaving me with perfect, beautiful eggs with no chunks out of them at all. I am definitely sold on this item and wish I had bought it a long time before now.


I can only make this work on HARD boiled eggs … but that is no problem because hard boiled eggs is the only way I ever eat them anyway.


The new CDC guidance about discarding face masks needs to be approached with an extreme amount of caution because unvaccinated people who do not wish to get vaccinated and who do not wish to wear masks will blend into the rest of the population and continue spreading the virus to the unwary!

Read all about it here and remember to share with friends —–

I think this guidance about dispensing with masks comes far too early!

4 thoughts on “This And That (152)

  1. Berwick-on-Tweed is in the far north of England, and marks the border with Scotland. It is an interesting town that was once heavily fortified against the Scots. People in the north of England like gravy. They even put it on fish and chips! So I am not surprised to hear they are now soaking their burgers in the stuff. πŸ™‚
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. John I shy away from ‘gizmos’ for I have limited counter and cabinet space…..favorite snack….mine is brie and soppresatto (sp?) with a baguette….I think this mask mandate is a bit premature….I will continue my precautions. chuq

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