This And That (153)

I like to daydream a lot and one of the things I daydream about is “How To Make Money.” Right now, at this stage of life, I definitely do not need any more money but I still like to investigate or think about what I think are clever ways to make money. I guess this hobby of mine is one of the reasons that I no longer need any more money.

One of the ideas that struck me this very morning is “How To Make Money Renting Goats.”

Goat, Grass, Livestock, Grazing, Animal, Horns

Why would anybody want to rent a goat?

Well, for one thing … goats can be used to mow grass and to keep weeds in check.

That’s right, goats are Nature’s lawn mowers and it strikes me that there are some large businesses somewhere who have a lot of land to tend to who would pay a premium to rent a goat or a bunch of goats to keep the grass and the weeds down on their properties.

We have a large Native American mound in the area where I live and a few years ago the town council rented some Llamas to do the same thing for the mound.

So, for those with capital and land and facilities to house animals, the Goat Renting business might be just the thing to supplement income.


You really do need to go to the amazing blog by Cathy Cade and read this inspiring, thought-provoking and refreshing poem. —–


Needing a dependable movie source, I finally subscribed to “Netflix.” There is some really great stuff on Netflix and it is not expensive and the picture and audio quality are superb …. I use it on my computer ….but there are some surprisingly “Adult” concepts in some of their offerings as well. I have watched a few things on there that have brought blushes of surprise to my face for their absolutely fastidious attention to some of the strangest details of human life that I have ever seen portrayed on media of any kind. I would say that some of it is not for the faint of heart. I guess that is one of the reasons they give you the option of using their parental controls.


I was thinking about doing a book review here and it occurred to me that I do not do much reading …. and I tend to avoid reading books as much as possible. Why? Because when I was very young and when I was in school and then in college and then in Business, I exhausted libraries of books. It is like eating too much of a favorite food … you eat enough of it, you get to the point where you can’t stand the taste or the sight of it.

I guess that is what happened with me and books.

But if I was going to write a book review, I would probably cheat. I would probably read the synoptic material on the book cover and distill it into as few words as I thought possible to get the overall flavor of the book across. That is what I did in school and I got away with it rather nicely. I even garnered Eight different certificates of achievement in English Literature. However, like Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus, I never used any of those acquired skills and entered the cut-throat world of Business.

If my fortune depended on what I read in books, I would condense the responsible tomes down to a very few. Among the very few would be “Think and Grow Rich”, and “How To Swim With Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive.” The lessons I learned from the latter of these two choices was “How To Become An Effective Shark” — a lesson that I learned very well and profited from very handsomely, thank you.


I was reading this article today and it struck a powerful note with me. There is so much truth in it.

I was so thrilled to find out that I had gotten 23 “Likes” on an article that I had written here on the blog that I have decided to feature things from fellow bloggers from time to time that I find intriguing. There are so many wonderful folks out there writing blogs that are filled with helpful and inspiring things …I would say that the products of their efforts amount to at least a college level course in almost everything anyone would ever want to know … and I am going to take far better advantage of what they have to offer than I have in the past.


It is hard to conceive of the mess that those little whirligigs from maple trees can make in the guttering and downspouting of a home. This is the 50th year we have had to climb a ladder to hand pick this mess out of our guttering and you can bet that tree will not live to see another season!

Maple Fruit, Maple, Tree, Green, Norway Maple


I have been thinking, “I wonder if I should get onto a Host Platform such as Bluehost and go over onto WordPress.Org? Right now I am on WordPress.Com and have been here for quite awhile. I am still reading about the differences between the two platforms. The question is, “Is there more traffic on one platform or the other? The other question would be, “Are there any advantages to switching to what some people call “The Real WordPress” and abandoning WordPress.Com altogether. Have any of the rest of you ever wrestled with this question?.

2 thoughts on “This And That (153)

  1. Renting goats sounds like a plan, though you would have to build some kind of ‘goat stables’ first, to keep them all in. Then get a vehiclle that they can be delivered and picked up in.
    I doubt that changing to .org or .com will make any difference to your blogging. Some of the most popular blogs I follow are still on the basic free platform.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Only if I can make goat cheese…LOL Looking back I would not change my life….it has been good…..I still depend on books….I have about 2000 probably the best Middle East library in South Mississippi. chuq

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