Why I Use Cayenne Regularly

Opinion Editorial
By John Liming
Blog Author

First of all — before you read the first word of this article, it is imperative that you read and thoroughly understand my disclaimer(s) ——Here is my disclaimer statement: https://american-liberal-times.com/dislcaimers/

Now that you have read and understood the disclaimers let me discuss why I chose, many years ago, to start adding Cayenne Pepper to my daily diet and what I believe it has done for me.

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Today when I use cayenne pepper it is always in capsule form because that is the most convenient for me. I tend to use a brand called “Cool Cayenne” because, for me, it solves the problem of the burning stomach sensation that ordinary cayenne capsules always cause. Please note that I am not being compensated in any form or manner for mentioning the brand name, “Cool Cayenne” on this blog. It just happens to be my product of choice and is usually readily available in health-food stores, certain pharmacies and online.

Cool Cayenne 40,000 HU - 180 - Capsule

What do I believe Cayenne Does For Me?

I have long believed that Cayenne is a vasodilator which means that I believe it causes the blood vessels to open up so that the blood can flow them more efficiently. I believe that this action of causing the veins and arteries to open up helps to reduce blood pressure by at least 5 or 10 points and, who knows, many even more.

While I have absolutely no scientific reason to believe it, I do believe somehow that cayenne helps to keep the plaque from building up in my blood vessels. This might be wishful thinking on my part but I am 82 years old, going on 83 now, and my blood pressure is usually in the range of 116/71 to 121/77 — always less than 130 on the systolic side and always somewhere near 70 to 80 on the diastolic side. I have to admit here that I also take what I consider to be low doses of prescribed blood pressure medications as well — and my physician knows that I use the cayenne because I never do anything without telling my doctor … and it all seems to have worked out for me over the years.

In addition, I think cayenne helps my digestive processes because I believe that it increases my metabolism a little bit — I am fairly certain it also helps my eliminations.

Unless I am imagining things, I also feel better when I take cayenne and it seems to me that it gives me an increased sense of overall well-being.

The label on the bottle of the cayenne capsules that I use suggest that I take two capsules per day but I ordinarily only take one capsule because that appears to be enough to achieve the results that I seek for myself. Besides which, in times past when I have taken too much of the stuff, it has caused painful bodily eliminations, most often and most especially with fecal eliminations.

Another effect that I believe cayenne has had on me is the effect of helping me to eat less food throughout the course of a day. Somehow it seems to make me feel fuller longer after meals. I can’t tell if I am imagining this or not but that is how it feels to me. Someone else might have a different experience.

There are precautions that I take because I have heard that cayenne can affect blood thinning medications and other things so that is why I would never ever start eating cayenne pepper in any form without first consulting with my private, board-certified and duly licensed and recognized health care provider.

I have tried sprinkling cayenne pepper onto spaghetti and enchiladas and other things over the years, but for my tastes, the pepper is far too strong for my tastes and I would rather just take the capsules which are cheap enough and easy to come by.

If you have experienced cayenne pepper I would appreciate hearing stories about your experiences, your opinions of the stuff and whether or not you think you have gained any kind of benefits from using it.

3 thoughts on “Why I Use Cayenne Regularly

    1. They are a great alternative, those “Cool” capsules. I never ever even feel the heat from the capsules when I take them with food and I always take them with food.

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