Tuesday, May 18th, 2021

The mundane things in one life can often provide knowledge or inspiration to the life of another and the person who journals publicly can rarely know how, when or even if his or her writing is going to include something that might make a positive change in the life of somebody else.

Therefore we throw our bread upon the waters, trusting that the algorhythms will send our thoughts and experiences out into the ether to be discovered by others.

There was a baby Robin in the yard yesterday. It looked like it had just flown out of the nest. It was walking awkwardly, occasionally flapping its wings. I wanted to pick it up and speak lovingly to it. But my friend convinced me that it would be better to simply let the little fellow go and do whatever it was he was going to do. It was a sad moment and, at the same time, a moment filled with inexplicable joy. The little bird went his or here way and I went mine and the earth continued to revolve.

Today was the day the plumber came to fix the leaky toilet. He put new valves and innards inside the toilet tank and now it works just as good as new. It cost me a Hundred Dollars but I thought it was money well spent.

Our state is holding a lottery exclusively for people who have gotten their covid 19 vaccinations. Since I have had all mine, I decided to register for the drawings. The prize is a Million Dollars. That is a little more than $600-Thousand after all the taxes have been paid. It is not that I need the money — I do not need the money at all — but I think it is the thrill of the possibility of actually winning something. A Million Dollars is basically chump change in this present world in which we live … but it would be nice to actually win something once.

I play the scratch off tickets in lotteries a lot of the time and I must admit that I am not all that bad at it. I have a “Pot” of cash reserved exclusively for my gambling and in the 30 years or more that I have been playing lotteries,. I have never depleted the pot. My usual scratch off ticket winnings run a gamut from “Free Ticket” to $500. I have yet to win a Million Dollars ….. but there is still time.

Today I decided to try a new whiskey. I love top-shelf bourbons. So today I purchased a bottle of “Four Roses Small Batch for $66 (U.S. Dollars) and took it home for the taste test.

It has a distinctive fruity-cinnamony undertone to the sense of smell and a more woodsy-fruity secondary tone to the palate. The finish is very long and in my opinion very nice.

I am not being compensated for mentioning this product and I am not promoting this product. I am merely sharing my thoughts about it because I like a good bourbon.

Had several Certificates of Deposit and a couple of annuities roll over today which required a visit to the bank and a couple of hours of paperwork.

I believe that lunch tomorrow is going to be chicken breast strips sauteed in white wine sauce with sides of tossed salad and mashed potatoes with gravy. The video suggests thighs and legs but I am going to confine the dish to breasts for the sake of simplicity and ease of rendering the completed repast.


That is about all I have for now folks. Have yourselves a wonderful day.

7 thoughts on “Tuesday, May 18th, 2021

  1. I never win lotteries or draws. I dont have that kind of luck, but I – and my family – have had several close shaves in the realms of health, driving and domestic accidents, so I’ll stick with the luck I have and not bother with gambling or investments (not that I have any spare funds to invest…)
    I don’t know bourbons but I like Scotch whisky (but not the smoky ones). Irish whiskey’s good too, but different.
    I’m with you on the chicken. Hubby likes drumsticks and thighs, but I can’t be bothered to fight with my food. I prefer a chicken breast you only have to slice and eat once it gets to the table.

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    1. Birdwise, we’ve put up a bird feeder in the garden here. I don’t know if the birds have found it, but it’s fascinating watching the squirrels hang upside down to get the seed out of the portals.
      I’ve ordered an allegedly squirrel-proof feeder for the birds, but I think we’ll leave this one here – the squirrels are fascinating to watch.

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      1. The birds will eventually find your feeders. Birds have a tendency to remember where their food sources are. And, among the bird population, the word about free food spreads like wildfire.

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  2. I buy a regular ticket for our National Lottery, but have never won more than £100. As it is all done online, I never need to check it. They email me if I have won anything, and pay it straight into my bank. Someone in England won £86,000,000 ($122 million US) on the Euromillions Europe-wide lottery this year. That is a truly life-changing amount.

    $100 is £70. That’s a very fair price for having a toilet fixed with new parts included.

    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Robins use to be common down here and since Katrina I have seen none…..that storm changed so much. I am still working on my favorite whiskey since I do not drink as mush these days…..I do not gamble anymore…..I will never win because I would be dead in 6 months if I did….abuse myself unmercifully…..I will be making chicken Shawarma today with Tahini mayo….chuq

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