Make Your Own Coffee Creamer

I have started to look down my nose at those jars of commercial coffee creamer at the supermarket, Number One because I don’t like the price and Number Two, I am not sold on all the ingredients crammed into them and listed on the label.

Coffee, Milk, Coffee Beans, Cup Of Coffee, Coffee Cup

I just take a can of condensed milk and combine it with 1 cup of heavy whipping cream and then add a tablespoon of ordinary vanilla flavoring and voila! Home made creamer.

This has to be kept in the refrigerator so be sure and mark the expiration date for the milk and the cream on a label you attach to your container so that you can dispose of what is left after the expiration date.

I think this version tastes better and creamier than those powdery things you get at the store … and some of those powdery things from stores don’t have a drop of real dairy in them at all.

Just thought I would share because I just got done making some more for myself a few minutes ago.

The picture on this post is from PIXABAY

3 thoughts on “Make Your Own Coffee Creamer

  1. Sorry John falls on deaf eyes…..I drink my coffee straight….black and strong…..I think that your recipe would be much better for people that use such additives. well done chuq

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