My Little Pet Cicada

The cicadas were out in force this morning and I found one alive and took it into my hand and spoke lovingly to it. I think they are so cute and definitely defenseless.

Cicada, Summer, Elf, Insect, Arthropod Resistance

My cicada crawled around on my hand for awhile as I talked to it and then, in about an hour I released him onto a tree and watched him crawl toward the top.

I imagine he wanted to get to the top of that tree so he could sing.

I love these little creatures and it is sad that they come around only so many years. I wish they would appear every year. Of course I tend to love everything …. animals, birds, bugs — you name it.

2 thoughts on “My Little Pet Cicada

  1. When I was holidaying in Greece, we used to see their hard skins stuck to trees. Seems they shed their skin and leave the old one behind. It looks like a ‘real live’ insect left behind.

    ‘Locked in this final position, the cicada’s exoskeleton begins to split. … If the cicada does not free itself in time, the shell hardens around it and it is trapped, frozen, half changed. But if the moult proceeds as expected, the head is freed next and the face of its previous self sits like a mask just underneath’.

    Best wishes, Pete.

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