Training Your Pet Circada

First of all, a pet cicada only has a lifespan of about Six weeks at best so you are going to have to work hard to train your pet and you are going to have to steel yourself against the day that he leaves this earth for cicada paradise.

Cicada, I Cicádido, Crayfish, Summer Cri-Cri, Insect

But regardless of his short lifespan, the pet cicada can bring you hours of special joy and they do love you intensely and unconditionally.

The cicada does not bark but he can scream and sing and disturb the neighborhood so be prepared for sensitive neighbors to be complaining to you and to the authorities about his singing and screeching. The best way to calm him down is to hold him gently in your hand or let him cling to your shirt collar. These things seems to pacify cicadas.

You can give your cicada a lot of happiness by buying him some toys. Cicadas are very child-like and enjoy messing around with such things as very small colored beads and balls and other shiny things. Your pet will be very pleased if you can put a piece of a tree branch (with bark on it) into his aquarium or other enclosure. I like a glass fish tank as a home for my pet cicadas. Be sure and put some grass or moss on the floor of the tank for the little fellow to frisk in.

Let your pet enjoy your company because they do bond with you and can become as close as any kitten or puppy.

One thing the cicada enjoys is to be held gently in your open hand or let him crawl around on your hand or arm. Talk to him in gentle hushed loving tones and blow your breath gently on him. You will sense that he understands love and will look at you with those big tender buggy eyes and will wave one of his little front legs at you and melt your heart.

My cicada seems to like to listen to the radio and he makes an interesting and welcome companion when it comes time to watch television. Mine likes soft orchestral music but if you play rock and roll, he gets tense and nervous and starts to squeal.

Sometimes it helps the relationship if you let the little creature spend the night with you in your bed. He doesn’t take up much room and is a very quiet sleeper. The problem is that if he senses another cicada outside your window, he might set up his catterwallering mating call … which can be quite piercing. In that event, you might consider letting him go outside for awhile but this is fraught with the danger of losing him. He might wander off and get lost and forget how to get back to you.

If you intend to let your little pet wander around the house, you might consider making some small diapers for him and this is not so hard to do. Getting the pet to wear the diaper is another story altogether and you have to be awfully careful putting them onto him and taking them off again. Accidentally sticking him with a safety pin may become tragic quite quickly.

The cicada makes a nice pet if you take the care needed with him …. He is a lot more active than a dandelion. Believe what I am telling you because in all my years I have had a lot of pet dandelions. The major drawback is that I have never been able to find a Veterinarian who is willing to treat one of these little gems.

After thought … If you have a pet bird in the house, it is not a good idea to let him and your cicada out of their cages at the same time.

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