The Day

I remembered the joy of steamed cabbage today. It had been a long time since I had steamed any cabbage and I just had to have some because it is good, it is good for a diet, it is filled with nutrition, and it only takes 8 minutes to cook on a stovetop with a steamer basket. (Be sure and add some butter after the steaming …. and a little salt … and some “Slap Ya Momma” Cajun seasoning if you have any and if you like Southern Soul Food.

Cabbage, A Vegetable, Vegetables, Eating, Healthy Food

You can find the “Slap Ya Momma” seasoning on Amazon or in a lot of super markets. (Editors Note: I am not being compensated for mentioning the name of the seasoning above or the website, “Amazon.”) I have to make that disclaimer according to blogging experts.

Cabbage is filled with fiber and it helps keep my appetite in check for a long time. I eat a little of it (About a cup at a time) before all meals … breakfast included. In fact, my breakfast this morning was “Cabbage and two boiled eggs.. A total of 223 calories.

I made a pizza for dinner today too.

Eat, Pizza, Drink, Restaurant, Wine, Wine Glass, Carafe

The crust was purchased already made and packaged in a rolled up package in the dairy department of the grocery store. The crust rolled out to 9 x 14-inches and I used a large baking pan.

The toppings I chose for the pizza were: Tomato sauce, Thin-sliced smoked ham from the deli department, Thin-sliced pepperoni from the deli department, Italian sausage, Chopped white mushrooms, Chopped Green Bell Pepper, Chopped Onion, Sliced black olives —- all topped with generous amounts of Mozzarella cheese that I grated myself.

I sprinkled oregano and sweet basil liberally over the top of the pizza before placing it into the oven.

The assembled pizza was placed on the center rack of an oven preheated to 450-degrees and was cooked for between 15 and 20 minutes. (Check the bottom of the crust at the 15 minute mark to see if it is browned well.)

Today was the day to sample my new whiskey. I had been using Woodford Reserve and before that, Jack Daniels. Then I tried Knob Creek. Today I purchased Four Roses Small Batch for $66 per bottle.

Alcohol, Whisky, Whiskey, Carafe, Bottle, Glass, Brandy

Again I have to tell you that I am not being compensated in any fashion for mentioning the brand names of the spirits that I use …. I am only sharing information here. I am not suggesting that anyone begin drinking alcohol either. I am merely sharing my preferences with the blogging audience.

My impressions of the Four Roses: “I found it somewhat fruity when nosed … with possible overtones of brown sugar. The drink was warming and had what is called, in the trade, “A Long Finish.” I am satisfied with my purchase.

I have recently been thinking about the possibility of purchasing a new car. (Automobile.)

Car, Traffic, Man, Hurry, Steering Wheel, Dusk, Modern

I am thinking that a Toyota might be my choice because I hear that they are low maintenance, and that they are good for as many as Three-Hundred-Thousand miles if properly maintained. I cannot attest to any of that, but it is what I have been told and I am looking into it. Again, I am not being compensated for mentioning the brand of automobile here.

This Spring has brought the Blue Jays out again. I believe we have a new batch of them this year even though a couple of them seem like old friends.

Bird, Bluejay, Colorful, Blue, Pattern, Feathers, Beak

Blue Jays and I have a long history. I have fed them for years. One year, I even had one fly down and sit on my head for a few seconds after I had held a peanut in the shell aloft. He had been sitting in a tree and I had been coaxing him with the peanut when he suddenly swooped down, sat on my head, took the peanut out of my fingers and flew off again.

I love the little darlings. I love all birds.

During our daily walk today, my friend, Jim, and I stopped on a bridge overlooking a scenic creek that flows through our little town here. Just a few steps off that bridge, the country becomes a little natural, a little wild .. as you walk away from our town into the countryside ….

Forest, Trees, River, Spring, Watercourse, Water, Creek

In the old days, I used to wade in creeks like these … and when it was hot in the Summertime, and there was a pooled place in the creek, my friends and I would skinny dip. But with all the pollution that has happened over the past few decades, I wouldn’t let wild creek water touch my skin under any circumstances. Snakes, poisonous plants, quick sand, jagged rocks, insects, snapping turtles …. God only knows what kind of virus and germs in the water itself … The allure of creek swimming and wading has long since passed.

4 thoughts on “The Day

  1. John I think Toyota is a fine choice….I have had them for 15 years and the problem I have had was some a/hole rear ended my going 40 mph… injuries and the maintenance is truly low……cabbage is stir fry mine with bacon, onion…..I have four feeders on my plot of land and this time of year they are busy….from finches, chickadees, jays, downey woodpeckers, cardinals, wrens, of course a multitude of sparrows and those god awful starlings……chuq

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