Daily Philippic

Recently I have added an “Extension” to my copy of the Chrome browser that is supposed to make my typewritten material look darker than the ordinarily lame medium gray that seems to the the standard on various websites. I would appreciate (Sincerely appreciate) a shout out if my blog text seems to be darker than usual for you …. I am not speaking of “Bold Type” but somewhat blacker than ordinary. Is this something that everybody can see or is it something that only I can see? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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Ordinarily I will use a white wine to deglaze the little bits and pieces that stick to the bottom of a pan during the cooking process but today I got a little creative and used plain white vinegar. The vinegar is entirely less expensive than the wine and guess what ….. the deglaze went off perfectly!

I had let my stainless steel pot go dry while steaming cabbage today and I was rewarded with a hideous dark brown gunk solidly adhered to the inside bottom of my pot. I considered scrapping the pot because it looked like I would have to scour for hours if I was to see any improvement in this horrible mess at all.

I covered the inside bottom of the pot with a layer of white vinegar and set it aside.

In about half an hour or so, I noticed that the vinegar in the pot had turned the same brown color as the burned-on sludge had been and, testing it with a silicone spatula, I discovered that every last bit of the burned on stuff had liquified and all I had to do was pour it out and take pride and joy in my gleaming, clean, new-looking cooking vessel. No scouring, no prolonged scrubbing. I was ecstatic!

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I did not require a scrubbing sponge, I did not require steel wool … It all came out with an ordinary dishcloth … I just poured it down the disposal, rinsed my pot with a little detergent and hot water and it was so shining it looked to be almost brand new.

There is nothing like a classic grilled cheese sandwich unless it is a grilled cheese sandwich with strips of crispy bacon included.

Sandwich, Grilled Cheese, Sour Dough, Cheddar, Lunch

The idea is to get yourself some fairly hefty bread and some great American cheese slices and about four strips of bacon as a beginning.

Butter one side of the bread and place two slices (or more if desired) of American Cheese slices between the slices of bread. Heat a skillet or a countertop grill to medium high and brush the skillet or the grill with a little olive oil before doing anything else.

In the meantime, place the four strips of bacon onto a paper towel on a microwave safe plate and cover the bacon with another sheet of paper towel. Cook the four strips of bacon in the microwave on high for four minutes if the bacon is thin sliced and five minutes if thick sliced. When the bacon is done cooking, let it cool and it will become crisp.

Place the finished bacon strips onto the cheese on the bread and grill the sandwich for about 3 minutes (Maybe Four) keeping an eye on the browning of the bread and the melting of the cheese.

Note: If desired, add slices of sweet pickle to the sandwich before grilling — and maybe a simple spread of common mayonnaise

Voila! Grilled cheese with bacon sandwiches fit for royalty!.


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When I first saw this recipe I thought somebody had gone out of their mind. That is until I actually tried it and discovered that something magical happens when you combine the avocado with the chocolate and the rest of the ingredients in the recipe. You can read the recipe right here …...https://spoonuniversity.com/recipe/this-vegan-chocolate-mousse-will-convince-you-healthy-can-taste-bomb

Now I love the stuff! Tasting is believing!


I wish that I had kept all the comic books that I bought back in the 1950s. Some of them are worth virtual fortunes today. It is amazing how some of the stuff that we take for granted and which we readily throw away can become very valuable with the passing of time.

Money, Dollars, Success, Business, Finance, Cash

Right now, I am thinking that someday collectors will be willing to pay premium prices for memorabilia of the Pandemic Days. I think someday that original face masks, for instance, might be very collectible ….as well as authentically dated containers of certain brands of hand sanitizer —signs calling for wearing of masks …a lot of pandemic-related items that we will be throwing away.

I remember back in the 1950s when “Mutual Funds first came on the scene as great investments. A lot of people were very skeptical of mutual funds at first but I have to admit that I was an adventurer and I took the plunge and cleaned up! Today it is Bitcoin. But like everything, all these are somewhat risky. I have, for a long time now, made it a priority to only invest whatever amount of money I can afford to lose and not agonize over if I do lose it. But, because of my early decisions, I do have plenty of disposable income to take a few risks.

But in times to come, I believe everything related to the Covid 19 Pandemic will be valuable … newspapers, magazines, books, masks, signs, lots of things! Only time will tell.


I remember the time, back about 20 years ago, when I sat down and designed a disposable razor for shaving that had multiple blades. In those days all the disposable razors had a single blade.

Thinking I could make a fortune with my idea, I sent the sketches and the details to a well-known razor manufacturing company.

They complimented me on my work, commented about how wonderfully detailed my sketches and ideas about the new razor were and informed me, “We have no plans to make any design changes to our products at this time.” In other words, “Thanks for your idea, John but no thanks!”

Amazingly, the double bladed disposable razor appeared on the market shortly after all this — and then the triple-bladed disposable …. and, of course, I never made a dime off my idea.

I learned the hard way that if ever I have another idea like this one, I will take the time and go to the expense of seeking a patent on the idea and cover myself legally in every other related detail to the possible sale of the idea to some big outfit. I certainly will never trust the idea of “Gentlemanliness” in any such dealings again.


Gibson Bayou Cemetery

Gibson Bayou Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Crittenden County, with known markers dating back to the late 1800s. Its inhabitants have been further immortalized by artist Carroll Cloar, who grew up in Earle. His memories of the cemetery inspired his 1956 painting, “Gibson Bayou Anthology,” in which the dearly departed are shown standing beside their grave markers, dressed in formal burial attire. —— MORE HERE

I remember when I first saw this painting in person. I was living in Spokane, Washington in the early 1960s and was in The Air Force and I saw this painting on loan at the Spokane Art Museum.

As I stood studying it, it dawned on me that the human figures represented in the painting were transparent and that the grass on the ground and the background shone through them. I sensed then that the representations of the humans in the picture were actually the dead people standing next to their tombstones.

This had such a chilling effect on me that I still am haunted by the memory.

Now that is art

6 thoughts on “Daily Philippic

  1. My eyes cannot tell the difference in the darkness of your typeface, John. But it is very easy to read.
    I really like that painting. The naive style is one of my favourites.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Sorry, I cannot use my avocado for anything but straight with lime and pepper flakes…..I too wish I had all my comics from days past……sourdough bread with Havarti and Munster and some ham is also good…..chuq

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