Monday Morning Again

So as I have already said in another post, May 29th is my friend, Jim’s birthday. —- So already we are now expecting Cousin Jeanette to come up from Kentucky and a newer friend, Shelby coming from Missouri to visit with us. We haven’t seen Jeanette in more than a year because of the pandemic and we have never met Shelby in person. This should be an interesting couple of days. —— We are trying to make up our minds whether we want to cook a meal at home or take the visitors out to a restaurant. —– Since the pandemic struck, I have been really leery of going to restaurants and I am still undecided about whether I want to risk it or not. —- I have read that emuriacticven fully vaccinated people can still get what is called “Breakthrough Cases” of the coronavirus in close settings such as restaurants and theaters and sporting events.

As I have been thinking about my blog for the past few days I have discovered some angles that I had never thought of before. —– Even if I rant about mundane things that usually would only be interesting to myself or possibly to some close relatives, there comes a time when I might say or write something that somebody else would find interesting, entertaining, or even useful. —- I might subconsciously drop a hint here or there about something that I do in the house or in the yard or in the kitchen that someone else might think, “Gee, that is an interesting idea and maybe I will try that.

One such idea might be the one where we throw all our coffee grounds around our flowers and plants when the weather is warm. —– On investigating, I found that used coffee grounds add nitrogen to the soil to benefit all living plants. —– Too, coffee grounds add a little more natural stuff to the ground (soil) and they do aid in soil aeration, drainage and water retention. —– Coffee grounds are also great as mulch. —- They also tend to keep slugs and snails away from your plants. Some people believe that this is because slugs and snails are repelled by the caffeine in the grounds. —– I never knew any of this about coffee grounds until I took the time to do a little research.

I never knew that pouring half a cup of ordinary laundry bleach down all our drains would help to keep them flowing freely either. —- I don’t know how often I should do this, but I have been doing it once a month and so far it seems to be helping. —– I understand that bleach is corrosive to metal pipes but that it is not harmful to PVC pipes and we do have the PVC in our plumbing so I am feeling safe about it all. —– I guess the biggest concern I have about using bleach in the drains is that bleach can combine with other things to create fumes that may not be all that helpful. —- So I am careful to do the old smell test to see if I am creating fumes of any kind ….. and if I ever do create fumes with the bleach I shall definitely not use it again. —– I knew one landlady once who used muriatic acid to clean the porcelain surfaces in the bathrooms of her rental units. —- The muriatic acid cleaned her toilets, sinks and tubs alright, but they also contributed to the disintegration of the porcelain surfaces over the passage of time. —– But she was rich enough; she could afford to replace sinks and tubs.

Something struck me as interesting yesterday as I was surfing the web. —- It seems that in Russia, people actually wash, dry and reuse their plastic bags. —- Over here, we tend to use plastic bags and then send them off to the landfill. But in Russia, I am told people use them, wash them, dry them and use them again. —- It is my opinion that plastic bags should be outlawed altogether because they take forever to disintegrate naturally and they do a horrible job of polluting waterways and roadsides and landscapes. —- I wish everyone would return to the use of paper bags but then there would be the problem of using up all the trees on bags. —- If I were king of the world, I would decree that everyone obtain and use their own cloth reusable bags. —- You can buy cloth bags now …. we have several on hand and they are useful and convenient but you have to be careful to keep them really clean so that you don’t inadvertently drag some kind of unwanted germs into your homes.

I think one of these days I might sit down to this keyboard and write a blog filled with tips about how the ordinary person can live on a net worth of $38-Million dollars without having to worry about going broke too quickly. —- Of course I could write the same course for billionaires but then I think that most billionaires already have the details of how to go about preserving their wealth down pat. —- I am convinced that one foolproof method of preserving personal wealth is to avoid getting married unless there is an ironclad prenup! —- Experts tell us that people should not pay more than 30% of their monthly income on their dwelling places of residence. —– So, if a person makes a Million dollars a month, their rent or house payment should not exceed $300-Thousand dollars per month. —- I am not sure there are any apartments that rent for $300-Thousand dollars per month. —– Do YOU know of any? —– I know you can buy an apartment in New York City for $300-Thousand dollars, but I have never heard of a rental at that level.

Author: John American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Again”

  1. We ate out on Sunday evening, John. The staff wore masks, the menus were disposable paper ones, and everyone dining had to wear a mask if they moved from their table. We were only in there just over an hour, and I didn’t feel at all concerned.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I am glad you felt comfortable but the risk is not in how we feel but in who is present and near enough to spread the infection .. and that is something that is impossible to tell because people lie. And yes, the fully vaccinated CAN and DO still become infected. It is known as a BREAKTHROUGH” case.

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