So Much Crap Going On

The pandemic strikes and fear grips the world as thousands die. —– The Scientific Community scrambles to come up with some kind of vaccine in a desperate attempt to provide humanity with some protection against the killer plague sweeping the world like an out of control wildfire.

Then President Trump (Aren’t you glad he’s gone?) starts telling the world that the Coronavirus is no more dangerous than the flu and other such misinformations. As time goes on, this “President” (Using the term carefully) starts twisting facts about the pandemic, spreads conspiracy theories about it and, according to a lot of really smart people who know what is happening in the world, becomes the single most enthusiastic purveyor of misinformation about the virus on record at the time.

Trump’s followers start denying that the pandemic is real, start refusing to adhere to the safety recommendations of the Centers For Disease Control — particularly denying the need to wear face masks for self protection and the protection of other people and, by their ignorant acceptance of the conspiracy theories coming out of the White House, unwittingly become super spreaders of the disease themselves.

I was shocked to hear stories of people who lay dying on their respirators giving their care givers hell, telling the caregivers that there is no such thing as coronavirus and claiming that they were dying of something else entirely and demanding medication and procedures for something other than the pandemic … often actually dying in complete denial of what was wrong with them.

So then along comes vaccines, reportedly not thoroughly enough tested, receiving “Emergency Authorization” for use among certain segments of the population. — Somehow, from the very beginning, the implication, at least, was that the vaccines were safe enough for the “Emergency Use” authorization and thus, millions of Americans, desperate and afraid, lined up trying to find places to receive their immunizations.

Competition for appointments for vaccinations became intense … fierce even … as hopefuls struggled to find a place and to make appointments to get their first shots. At the same time, the mal-informed and the misinformed and the un-informed kept blowing their horn of denial, spreading their intellectual poison to as many people as possible — and there were reportedly thousands of people gullible enough to swallow their lies and distortions and God only knows how many people lost their lives because of listening to the denial fools.

So the vaccines finally got the green light for safety — at least that is the word from a lot of mouths among the Medicos …. people who are educated enough that they ought to know what they are talking about …. and the vaccines finally became more readily available to a lot more people ….

And then the stories of bad experiences with the vaccines started to appear and the conspiracy theorists kept up their attacks on the American Psyche …and today I doubt that there are very many people who actually know the truth about whether the vaccines are actually safe or effective or not …. and if so, then “How Long and How Much” becomes the question.

I have never seen something so botched as this Pandemic and the response to it ini all the days of my life and I still do not have a clue as to where most of America stands on the issues surrounding all this ….and I sometimes wonder, “Did I do the right thing by getting vaccinated or not?”

Now they are telling us that it is safe to return to some semblance of normal living under certain conditions. I ask myself, “Is that really true or is that somebody’s hopeful wishing?”

Is there really any way we can know the truth about any of the things that we have heard from either side of the arguments about Covid 19?

Author: John American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

4 thoughts on “So Much Crap Going On”

  1. Over here in the UK we now have an ex-cabinet adviser giving ‘evidence’ to (yet another) investigation and crying crocodile tears about what ‘we’ did wrong at the beginning. (point me towards a government that didn’t. Nobody knew what they were dealing with back then in a sutuation where there is only time to learn by making mistakes).
    His crocodile tears are there to show everyone what a good guy he is really and excuse the things that went wrong before he was thrown out (since when, strangely, things seem to have been going more smoothly). What his ‘evidence’ is mostly about is accusing his ex-colleagues of lying, colluding, fumbling the ball… – I don’t believe we’ve had any examples offered, or actual evidence, but of course we only get to see the sensational stuff the media thinks ought to shock us.
    Hell hath no fury like a political adviser scorned.

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  2. It would be hard to get the truth……thanx to social media it is only competing rhetoric….sad… I will continue my measures and the rest be damned…..chuq


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