Changes Again

If you have followed me for any length of time ….. and I have been writing this blog in one form or the other for more than 10 years now ….. you will have become, by now, used to the multiplicity of changes that I am forever making in an effort to improve.

So here we are again with a new look and a new direction.

The new direction will involve publishing more informational and educational articles than has been our habit in the past. Of course I will always throw my personal opinion into the mix.

You may have noticed that I have already started moving more toward general interest stuff than ever before.

With the new front page, readers will have a better idea of what they might like to read because the new front page displays the posts in “Snippet” form. This should be a convenience for readers.

Right now I am in a “University” mood, hoping to enrich the reading world with various and sundry thinks that I think will pique imaginations and perhaps even be educational to some and entertaining to others ….. as you can see, my well-known penchant for vanity remains sharp as newly-ground steel blades.

Hopefully you will enjoy me a little more from here forward.

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