Poverty And The Pandemic

One of the most visible side effects of the Pandemic is a poverty level that seems to be skyrocketing out of control in The United States and elsewhere …. more notably in the Third World. —- The problem, as I see it is that if The United States does not start a dynamic program to address poverty and homelessness here at home, we stand endangered to duplicate the conditions of those underdeveloped countries right here on our own shores.

This is not only a human crisis … a human tragedy in the making … it is also a cancer spreading out of control … a cancer that has the potential to eat everything of value within the American Construct including the population itself.

They are always talking about the rich getting richer while the poor are getting poorer and that is true in an economy that rewards wealth with more wealth and taxes the poor egregiously ….. but the chasm between the income of the poor and that of the rich is widening at a scary, terrifying rate … and if it is not resolved soon there will be tent cities in every busy intersection …. and cities, already overtaxed and under-staffed cannot keep up with the efforts toward sanitization of these developments …. The situation is outrunning the government’s ability to keep up.

Everybody sees this tragedy and many voices are raised in anguished cries for somebody to do something about it have been raised with more being raised with each passing day ….but a lot of the cries fall on deaf ears in Congress. The lookouts in the masts have spotted the iceberg and shouted the warning, but for some reason, the captains of the ship insist on sailing full steam toward it.

I think the situation as it is now is unsustainable. For the first time, I have witnessed people driving expensive vehicles appearing in lines at places where free food is being handed out ….I have seen people in designer jeans and expensive hair dos carrying boxes of this “Food For The Needy” to their vehicles and driving off to their fancy expensive suburban homes or their high-rent urban apartments … and nobody seems to ever want to see proof of need when these staples are handed out …. it seems to be all indiscriminate.

These things ought not to be.

2 thoughts on “Poverty And The Pandemic

  1. This seems to be part of the ‘new poverty’, John. Rich people who are over-extended to the point where they may well lose their houses because their jobs have vanished due to the pandemic. Even Boris Johnson claims he cannot live on his £160,000 salary, and may have to resign to return to better-paid employment as a journalist. (It is said his outgoings are £230,000 a year)
    I have zero sympathy for them, I’m afraid.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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