Writing Great Blog Posts

One of the primary secrets of writing a great blog post is to endeavor to write one that appeals to the largest possible audiences. One way of deciding what to write for an appealing blog post is to search the resources of “Google Trends” to see where people’s interests are lying at any given moment.

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Here is where your exposure to “Google Trends” begins. As you study it, you will discover a vast resource that is virtually unlimited in inspiration. Start HERE.

Some writers hobble themselves because they feel like they want to have their writing appeal to “Important Audiences,.” I believe I am safe in saying that if you achieve any loyal and regular audience, you have already captured the most important audience of all … that precious audience that cares about what you have to say. If you capture that audience, regardless of whether it is large or small, you have captured a real gem … and you should strive to serve that audience, to relate to it and to keep it fed with your wisdom. Remember always that such an audience as I have just described is a real friend … a valuable friend … a friendship worth nurturing, growing and protecting.

Unless you are writing something that is purposely written to be “Fiction” than you must do all the research necessary to make sure that whatever you write for an audience to consume is true. People are not stupid and can detect falsehood in written articles if they read enough different articles on the same or similar subjects by various authors. The truthful authors will be consistent among themselves while deceitful authors will stray from the herd and mark themselves as un-truth tellers by the very fact of their deviance from what all other respectable authors are writing about a subject.

Finally let me say this: “The greatest blog posts are the ones that agree with what the reader already thinks, knows or believes about the subject being written about. The blog post that is written in such a manner as to justify the views of the readers have powerful and lasting appeal. Most people’s minds are already made up about things when they read your posts and chances are that you are not going to change anybody’s mind by writing in a manner that challenges their set beliefs. Let the things that you write help the readers to feel informed … make them feel knowledgeable …give them the feeling that they are worthwhile people, smart people … good people … valuable people. Write in such a manner as to have what you write say to your audience, “You are the most important person (People) in the whole world right now.”

Do that and you have won not only an audience, but you will have won a friend as well — or a horde of friends, as the case may be.

But remember this — If something you writes helps just one person, then your writing has been worthwhile and worthy! Therefore, never be discouraged if your daily statistics meter does not show insane amounts of readership — Just operate from the idea that if you reach and help or teach or convince just a single person with something that you have written, you have already taken steps toward making real change in the world

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