Another Wistful Post

Have you ever wondered by the computer geniuses over at Chrome Web Browser and Firefox cannot seem to present a text face that appears black on the computer screen instead of a more or less irritating shade of dark gray?

I know there are so-called “Extensions” that are supposed to darken up text on a computer screen but I have already tried a few of those and I am still not satisfied with the results.

I have noticed, though, that if you increase the size of your font to about the 125% range, it does seem to help a little bit. This blog that you are reading now has been increased to 125% text size and from my vantage point, it seems a little easier to read than it did when I was presenting it in increments of 16 pixels, 18 pixels and so forth and so on.

I thought that all the cicadas had come out already but today I noticed they are still making their way out of the ground. There are enough of them out now that I can easily hear their song and it is refreshing and soothing. I have tried to hold a few of them in my hand today to talk sweetly to them but they tend to visit for a moment and then fly away somewhere. I am guessing they have something different in mind than sitting on my finger and letting me tell them how much I love them.

Magicicada, Cicada, Vector, Periodical Cicada, 17 Year

IT’S SPRING CLEANING TIME AGAIN at my house, so the first thing I do is wander around the premises, checking the windows to see which ones need the most cleaning …. then I check the floors and the walls and the ceilings to see which ones can simply cleaned or which ones need a new coat of paint.

After this, I check the closets and the attic to see what should be kept and what should be thrown away.

After I have been looking around for about 8 hours or so — making notes as I go … I retire to my den, pour myself a glass of Four Roses whiskey (Neat) … sit down in the red leather-covered recliner and dial the number of the maid service. Task done; problem solved. Onward to bigger and better things!

Cleaning, Service, Silhouette, Vacuum, Equipment

The writing prompt wants me to describe the first time I got really embarrassed.

If I had my choice of the multiplicity of times I have gotten embarrassed, I think the first one might be the time I was in the Freshman Grade of High School and I streaked the filled study hall on a dare. It was about a hundred-foot run down an aisle in the midst of maybe a hundred desks with students seated at them and it was done totally in the buff.

For that little adventure I was given a full week suspension from classes and was forced to apologize to the entire school during an assembly meeting called for the specific purpose of starring yours truly. Did I mention that I got uproarious applause at that assembly?


Dogs are smart and can be taught to protect homes..

Dogs can be trained to answer crank calls. (The drive scam callers nuts.)

Dogs can sound like sirens and if you need to get somewhere in a hurry, and if you turn down the windows on your car, the dog’s howling can clear traffic for you. I do not advocate anybody doing this though because it is probably illegal in a lot of jurisdictions.

Dogs can train your pet fish to sing operatic overtures.

One thing you never want to teach a dog to do, however is to sign checks.


Couple Mistakes Abstract Painting For An Interactive Exhibit — And Paints Over The Artist’s Work

You have to read this story to believe it …. read it HERE


Here is what they said to me:

Hi John R Liming,

Heads up! Your article wasn’t cleared for publication because it didn’t pass the Quality Assessment Process (QAP). Don’t worry, every new Hubber goes through Boot Camp, and all you need to do is improve your article so that it meets our quality standards. To graduate from Boot Camp, you must publish at least five Featured articles.

Featured articles are thorough and contain high-quality, relevant media. Articles that reflect the following elements are more likely to be Featured on HubPages:

– Does not include spammy content (e.g., spammy links, promotional activity, links to your personal blog or website, unrelated product listings, repetitive keyword emphasis, etc.)
– Demonstrates correct English grammar usage and spelling
– Offers complete and in-depth coverage of their subject area or topic
– Has an attractive layout (text is broken up into multiple capsules with high-quality images and media)
– Has easy to read text (consistent formatting that avoids excessive bolded, underlined, or italicized text)
– Offers “evergreen” content, or content that will stay relevant for months and years to come

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Once you pass Boot Camp and have published five Featured articles, all of your future articles that are within our Terms of Service that do not pass the QAP will remain published, but will not be Featured. When you publish your fifth Featured article, you will also receive an Accolade demonstrating your success at publishing high-quality content on HubPages.

For more information on HubPages’s Quality Assessment Process, please read this article:

To maximize your chances of success on HubPages, we recommend that you carefully read through the many other helpful articles in our Learning Center:

Happy Hubbing!


And here is where I sent their response: SPAM.



6 thoughts on “Another Wistful Post

  1. The cicadas in America finally made it onto the BBC News, John. That’s a LOT of cicadas!
    Hub Pages can swivel on it, as far as I’m concerned.
    As for streaking, perhaps you should do one now, and post the video on your blog. That would truly go viral, and also serve as a form of ‘Last hurrah’! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I stick with WP I have few complaints…..I have always appreciated the Impressionists…..and a little abstract……the only housecleaning that I need to do is remove a parasite of a relative….that is another story altogether. chuq

    Liked by 1 person

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