Happening Right Now

Prices are skyrocketing on almost everything now that the pandemic is loosening it’s grip all across The United States.

Everything is going up — gasoline — food — clothes — entertainment — everything!

Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe all this price gouging is because somebody knows that everybody got their covid relief money and that all the greed mongers are going to be sure they get their share? Yes, if The American People get a little money in their pockets, there is always some scheme to get it away from them isn’t there?

I guess the time has come for us all to decide who is going to be allowed to gouge us the least and make our shopping decisions on that criteria. If grocery store A, for example, decides to stick it to us, then I believe it is time to tell grocery store A where to shove it and look for another place that is less greedy — and while we are looking, we should tell the gougers why we are not shopping in their little rip-off establishment.

TAKE THIS TO THE BANK —- While major brands may be shrinking their packages but not shrinking their prices, keep in mind that STORE BRANDS are usually the last to raise their prices or reduce the amount of product in their packages. And a lot of major brands HAVE BEEN REDUCING THE SIZE OF THEIR PRODUCTS in an effort to fool you into believing that nothing has changed … but you are still paying the same price regardless of the reduction in package sizes. Time to AVOID PURCHASING some of those offending brands and putting your hard earned money into lesser-priced STORE BRANDS or LESS WELL KNOWN BRANDS. Those are often as good or better than National Brands because they have to work harder in order to compete with the bigger companies.

Amazon is announcing “Two Days Of Epic Deals:

Two days of epic deals June 21 and 22. Included with your Prime membership

I want the world to know that I am not being compensated in any way, shape, manner or form for mentioning “Amazon” on this blog but I also want to say, “It is my opinion that if the rest of the retail world is determined to rip us off because of their lame pandemic excuses, it might be a good idea to consider this particular retail giant for a few of the things that we want and perhaps even need. I use them all the time and have always been pleased.


One of the interesting things about blogging is that there are almost no limits to its parameters. You can blog about that old weather-beaten house that needs several gallons of paint, describing the half-rotted condition of the weatherboarding that makes up the outer walls …. talking about the hazards of climbing the ladders to do the painting, remarking about the dead things that you can find in your gutters and downspouts — or you can talk about the time you rode your bicycle half-naked down the public bike path at midnight .. dressed in nothing but a sparse loincloth — shocking the few drunks encountered along the way.

You might be inspired to do a post about old Lydia who lived in the red-painted house … you remember .. the elderly lady who everybody in town called “Winnie” for some unknown reason and who was notorious for the fact that she kept her dead husband’s ashes on the mantle above the fireplace in her living room.

You could blog about the Halloween evening when the very poverty-stricken “Fry” brats overturned their outhouse while their grandmother was inside taking a dump. The vision of old lady Fry climbing out of that old outhouse while screaming loud, screeching oaths fit for the mouth of a sailor would definitely make for some interesting subject matter to some creative writers out there.

Imagination need know no fetters when it comes to the art of writing.


After more than 10 years of writing on various blog platforms, I am still trying to find a niche that works for me. In the beginning it was “News Commentary” and I was a shock jock. The trouble with that was that I can never stay on one side of the fence or the other because I believe that both dominant political parties have their good points and their bad. I tended to alienate a lot of readers because most readers tend to have their political minds all made up and nothing anybody says is going to change anything at all in the way they see politics. So I am a miserable failure at political blogging.

Ever since I discovered that about myself, I have been hard at work experimenting with different blogging ideas. So right here, right now, is an example of something else I am going to try at least once … blogging impressions from long-established and recognized quotes by the famous and the not-so famous. So, let us begin the experiment and see where it takes us:


There are two kinds of motivation in this world … there is the motivation that this quote addresses where one person is trying to get another person to do something or the other. Then there is self-motivation where a person is trying to get themselves to do something — or not to do something, as the case may be.

An example of the first kind of motivation is the case where an upperclassman in some college is trying to get an underclassman to sweep and mop his dorm room as part of a Fraternity initiation. The upperclassman needs to try to motivate his charge to do what he wants to get done. A motivational factor in this instance may be the understanding, spoken or unspoken that if the pledge does what is asked of him, he might stand a better chance of being accepted into the Fraternity than if he chooses not to obey the upperclassman’s request.

In the case of military motivation, the General officer is commanding a junior officer to do something within the bounds of regulations. The junior officer knows, fully well, that refusal to obey the lawful commands of his superior officer is more than likely to get him court martialed and quite possibly demoted to a lower rank, drummed out of the service altogether or locked up in a prison somewhere.

In a scenario where somebody suddenly is taken with an extreme urge to use a bathroom, one of the primary motivations to find and use a bathroom as soon as possible could be the vision of soiling one’s self in the company of others. This would be a very strong motivation, especially if the victim of the sudden urge to urinate or to defecate comes upon a person possessed of significant amounts of social sensitivity. The same motivational aspects may not apply to a person who is lower on the social scale or who is not moved by socially acceptable norms …. like in the case of a bum drunk out of their mind.

The secondary consideration given in the preceding paragraph would explain the reasons behind great modern cities such as Los Angeles and others having to hire special crews of cleaners charged with keeping the streets clear of the bodily wastes discharged by the careless homeless drifters that inhabit much of the inner city and environs.



Sixty-Six-year-old actor, Leslie Jourdan’s career is literally taking off. I have always adored the antics of this funny little man (He is less than 5-feet-tall) and from Tennessee …He was a regular on the TV sitcom, “Will and Grace” plus many other things … He has appeared on Grand Ole Opry …. He has made a record album … I think he is just one of the most wonderful entertainers I have ever beheld ….


4 thoughts on “Happening Right Now

  1. I have never heard of Leslie Jourdan, but the sight of the homeless on the streets of LA came as a shock.

    As for price increases, you are dead right about ‘pack size’. Prices go up, and the packs get smaller.

    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Jourdan does a lot of voice over work as well….I have never had a problem with motivation for my mind never sleeps….imagination is serious at a lack most people need social media to feed their ideas…..me? I stick with mine all these years and most are mine fed by reading books. Be a wise shopper is my motto …..chuq

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