Another Day Again

The weather is clearing a little bit today after what seems to be like an entire week of endless rain and cool weather. This is the month of June and it ought to be a lot warmer than it is right now … we have 50-degrees today … very unusual for this time of the year at this location. But it seems like the sun will come out today and the weather people are predicting a high of 80 for this afternoon. We shall see.

Beetley Pete, a wonderful fellow blogger, told us all about how a lot of the comments on his blog are getting shuffled off to the spam and trash folders by Having read this, I decided to check my spam and trash folders and what I did find was about a hundred spam comments where some person was offering to see sex-enhancement pills.

Speaking of Beetley Pete, you really do have to visit his blog if you haven’t already. His work is high class and of very high quality if you want my opinion — I am positive you will be thrilled — Here is a link for you to go and visit Beetley Pete on his great blog —--


While I am on this track of recommending blogs, let me tell you again about another of my wonderful blogging friends, “Chuq” who formerly went by the handle “Lobotero” and who is now blogging under the title, “In Saner Thought.” In Saner Thought is really exciting and covers virtually every aspect of world happenings and history. Here is the link for you to visit “In Saner Thought” and I heartily recommend that you visit Chuq at the earliest opportunity:

Here is the interesting icon that Chuq uses for his blog —

Now while I am recommending blogs to read this morning, here are the rest of those that I am now following because I thing they are all outstanding … They are giving me hours and hours of reading satisfaction and they are all teaching me things that are worth knowing — Please give them all a visit as soon as you can. I know you will enjoy each and every one of them as much as I do:


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