Outside The Intimate Box

When I think about the weather, I think first about the weather the way it is and after that, I think of the weather the way I wish it were … unless it is the kind of weather that I wish it was and then I am grateful. If I am not thinking about the weather where I am then I think about the weather in the place where I wish I was. Of course, when all is said and done, the place where I wish the weather was the way I like it is always the place I wish I was and that is usually the place where I find myself.

So we start this post with some deep thinking that might seem a little nonsensical — until you sit down, get comfortable, remove yourself from all distractions and actually do some deep thinking about it. It becomes clear, relatively quickly that when relativity is relative then what is nonsense to one person becomes perfectly good sense to another. It is like “One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure.

I believe that in order for a person to be able to comprehend what I am saying here, that person has to commit to something more than simple “Skip Reading.” I believe that this is the kind of writing that requires some analysis and some involvement by the reader. That means that the words being written have to be observed closely and carefully and some thought given to what the words are trying to say as well as to what they are not saying.

It is kind of like a love story where you try to love someone with no promise that the object of your love is going to love you in return. A writer can be a master of words but it is equally true that words can come to control the writer if the writer is not a Hundred percent aware at all times. Words are sneaky that way and that is why some authors say that their stories “Write Themselves.”

Speaking of loving somebody that might not love you back, let me suggest that love given without any conditions or expectations is truer than a love of opportunity where something is always expected in return. Unconditional love demands nothing in return and unconditional love, by some quirk of fate or circumstance, is the very kind of love that always returns something to the lover. It is a mystery. I doubt that even Psychology has an answer for that.

If someone happens to read this far in this post, that person might ask the question, “Why am I reading this?”

The answer would be, “Because you might actually learn something … and maybe it is something that you have never thought before …. or perhaps you learn a new twist on something that you already knew. But the motivation to continue reading something as mentally challenging as this is is to expand and broaden the mind … open the door to something new — discover something outside or inside yourself that might have been suspected but which has, until now, remained a personal mystery.

When this happens, then the person experiencing it undergoes a sort of metamorphosis, either purposely or accidentally but either way it is a metamorphosis that either illuminates the world round about or illuminates the depth of self. And more lucid self-realization is a powerful force for positive change. If you feel its currents tugging sat your heartstrings, then let go and ride the wave and see where it takes you. I believe it will lift you above yourself so that you can clearly see who you are, where you are and where you are destined to be.

Is there ever a desire more desirable to the human being of going to a place where one has never gone before? Isn’t that the reason the poor can raise themselves out of poverty through their own applied will? Isn’t that how inventions are invented …. new areas open to exploration explored? The mastery of this kind of circumstantial travelling is dependent on the traveller becoming the vessel by which the trip is made possible. It is a matter of the seeker becoming his or her own ship setting sail on the seas of potential or possibility — or both.

A little aside here, if I may — I love to tell people, “A person can never return to a place to which they have never been.”

It is not a conundrum. It is a fact. It can be a material fact or it can be a spiritual fact depending on the comprehension of the one pondering the saying. But it is a demonstrable fact and because of that I believe it is also an immutable and inarguable fact. If you don’t believe what I am saying right now, just sit and think as hard as you can about how a person can return to a place to which the person has never been. If you can find the answer that makes sense and if it is demonstrably do-able, then you are a better intellect than I.

It is in the realm of this kind of expansive thinking that a person can come to the place where they see themselves for the first time. It is sort of like a mechanism that forces one-on-one eye contact with one’s own self. One can peer into a mirror and see an image of self and while one is peering into the mirror seeing their own reflection, they might hesitate and wonder if the image of themselves in the mirror is actually another self on the other side of the mirror peering back. This brings up the possibility of alternate existences … the existence on this side of the mirror and the mirrored but very tangible existence on the other side of the mirror.

The pragmatic side of the ordinary human being says, “Such things cannot be and are only the figment of somebody else’s fertile imaginings.” Yet, those supposed fertile imaginings of an exterior person might very well become the reality for each of the players involved. Does anybody know for sure that material things actually exist or do material things exist because people believe they do? Is that object that a person touches with their finger actually a solid thing or is it solid only because the person doing the touching has always been told that it is solid and his or her beliefs about it are reinforced by peers? If this is the case and if it is true, then is there actually any reality outside of the functioning mind?

It seems to be true that all things are in flux or are transient in nature. If that is true, is it then not also true that everything that is in flux or transient in nature is nothing more than the images produced by the power of intellect based on conditioning of the one doing the imagining? If any or all of these suppositions are true then is there anything existing that is not existing because it is the substance and essence of mind power?

Think twice before answering that.,

I have a pet theory that other people might find intriguing. I see Life as a long series of candy machines filled with all kinds of sweet and sour goodies (Note that everything is a goodie whether sweet or sour —and I will explain that in a minute.) I see all these candy machines and I realize there is nothing to Life except those candy machines and I, for some reason unknown to myself, have been given an endless pocket filled with coins to put into those candy machines at any time I wish — and to choose the machines that I wish to put the coins into.

Some of the candy in the machines, I have tasted before and find to be pleasant. Some I have tasted before and these seem to be either sour or bitter — but unlike the sweet candies which I can swallow and enjoy, I can spit the sour and the bitter ones out if I choose to do so.

Moral of that story is this: I can create my own life — and in fact, we all create our own lives … by how we choose which of Life’s candy machines we put our coins into. Therefore, the bitter and the sweet both become choices. We are never forced to choose which candy machine to grace with our coins and the candy machines are not able to choose us to feed them our coins.

Learn this lesson and you will have mastered the art of Living.

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