You Can Get Sued For Using Pictures On Your Blog

If you do not get direct and express permission from the original photographer who took the picture or the original owner of the picture that you have used on your blog — probably innocently because you believe that is what all bloggers do —you can get sued and end up having to pay a shitload of money that you probably cannot afford for a photo that you probably never needed in the first place. Read the following article carefully before you snatch another picture off the Internet to put on your own blog. Posting a disclaimer doesn’t protect you at all apparently. Read the following link:

2 thoughts on “You Can Get Sued For Using Pictures On Your Blog

  1. Good advice, John. I probably have lots of photos used on some of my blog posts that are not ‘free to use’. So far, I have escaped any legal action. However, I have heard of this happening more frequently now, one reason why there have been no ‘header’ photos on my last two serials.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Check out a site offering a couple of million free to use photos and some others marked public domain –it is called PIXABAY —- They claim that all their stuff has been cleared for free use without accreditation

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