Mundane Muddles

Today was not all that special. It didn’t rain for a change. We went to Walmart for some groceries. We noticed that the price of everything is going up everywhere on virtually everything. No big deal — it happens all the time …. I do not ever remember the time when prices actually came down on anything for any significant length of time.

Today I went to a custom butcher and bought 4 center cut boneless pork chops, cut One Inch thick for grilling. I also picked up 6 New York Strip steaks cut to a thickness of One and a Half Inches. The total outlay for that meat was a mere $124.00 (US Dollars.) Very reasonable for meat of impeccable and unimpeachable 5-star quality. I will never settle for any less! The best or bust! No skimping around here!

I cooked one of the chops for our dinner today. First, the Jaccard tenderizer poked a thousand little tiny holes in the meat to tenderize it. I love the Jaccard device. Everybody should have one. My chef used to tell me he would never be without one. They do marvelous things to meat.

Next came the seasoning — liberal pinches of sea salt, cracked peppercorn, garlic powder, flavor enhancer and just a hint of fennel.

Preheated the grill (Indoor electric grill) to 450-degrees Fahrenheit Cooked the chop on the open grill (Lid not closed) for 6 minutes per side — a total cooking time of 12 minutes …. to a measured internal temperature of 150-degrees Fahrenheit.

To plate the finished meat, I let it rest for 10 minutes before slicing. After the 10 minutes of rest, I sliced the chop into diagonally-cut slices measuring about 1/4-inch thick each, allowing one-quarter of sliced meat per serving.

The chop was accompanied with mashed potatoes and gravy, hot yeast dinner rolls, extremely tender asparagus spears and light Burgundy wine. Dessert was a Creme Brulee.

Discovered that we have moles digging tunnels all over our property. Going online to make inquiries of our neighborhood residents, I discovered that everybody is plagued with them as well. It feels fairly good to know that we are not the only victims of moles. So now, we are searching for a good mole removal expert.

I had pancakes with pure maple syrup for breakfast this morning. That is a significant change for me. I rarely every have pancakes for breakfast. I think I am breaking new ground here. They are actually good and they keep me satiated until lunch time. I might be starting a new trend here. Let’s see what the bathroom scale says in the morning before going off the deep end on this one.

I am thinking about buying some more Krugerrands soon. That is if they are still available.

If you happen to be looking for work, The “Wigwam” restaurant in Ravenna, Kentucky is advertising for cooks and servers.

There are these four men, all dressed up like fire fighters, sitting at a poker table, playing poker and drinking whiskey. One of them says, “You know, fellas … we ought to buy ourselves a fire truck before our wives get suspicious.”

I have been having trouble lately with my toenails getting too thick so I soaked them for a couple of hours in warm water and trimmed them today. Not an easy job when you are pushing 83 years of age. It is about time for me to stop being so miserly and spend some money on a pedicure.

Looking forward to a breakfast of hamburger steak and boiled eggs. Lots of protein. Helps to keep the weight in check.

Started watching a series on Netflix about the iconic clothing designer “Versace” and remembered that I need some more Tom Ford Oud Wood cologne. If you haven’t tried Tom Ford Oud Wood then you really need to give it a whirl. By the way, I am not being compensated in any way for mentioning either Versace or Tom Ford. They are just brands that I like a lot and use often.

It looks like things are opening up around here ….. people are starting to ditch wearing their masks …. I plan to keep on wearing mine … not because of the pandemic but because humans are filthy animals and I do not want to touch something or breathe something on a surface or in a place where some fentanyl-addicted creep has touched, coughed or sneezed. I have heard stories about people overdosing on other people’s drugs just because they happened to touch a toilet flush handle or a door knob that had been previously touched by someone who left drug residue on their sufaces. Nothing and nowhere is safe anymore.

I can understand why Howard Hughes was so afraid of germs at one point.

I think I am going to become a first class germaphobe.

Not much happening around here … so I am going to sign off for now … maybe something will happen tomorrow that I can come back here and report about.

In the meantime, remember who loves you.

Bye Now!

4 thoughts on “Mundane Muddles

  1. Moles are a real problem here too. Some years back, I hired the famous ‘Norfolk Mole Lady’. She doesn’t charge if she doesn’t get the mole! She didn’t catch the mole, (so I didn’t have to pay) but it seemed she scared it into next door’s garden, where it almost destroyed their lawn. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like rosemary on my pork chops on the grill……would you like to rent my canine friend, MoMo….she has dug up and killed 9 moles on our property…..I like buckwheat pancakes……I keep my extra cash under my mattress…LOL chuq


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