The Winding Road

The melted watch is, in my opinion, the quintessential memory picture that invokes a great Salvadore Dali painting. And a really great Salvatore Dali painting is especially satisfying to me because the mind power behind it is as illuminated as any mind can ever get …I love it … always have.

Given the above truism that applies to me, the idea of a rhinoceros entangled in a bunch of discarded metal parts is about as much a mental challenge that I can imagine but it far outweighs endless horizons with streams of human beings marching to nowhere under a brightly-lit summer sky.

Don’t you agree?

I have been to the shores of the tranquil sea nestled sedately beside the meat grinder smoking the meerschaum pipe. I doubt that there are too many men, other than myself, who can make that claim.

But once a person has entered through the arches of the ancient pagoda, and walked past the sky-high stack of encyclopedias, each piled end on end …then the distant mountain peaks take on the appearance of a delicious pile of chocolate and vanilla ice cream and that makes everything alright.

Is that a religious monk giving me the finger over there? Nah!

But I will admit that the watermelon seeds do, indeed, look like black ants … working their way toward a darkening sky.

The skinny woman in the bright red dress probably won’t be able to outrun the hands of the ultra-modern clock located close to the tower with the huge boiled eggs balanced on top but she might become part of the kaleidoscope sitting next door to the unisphere.

Now, to be frank, the rest is up to you.,

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