It Happens On My Watch

The appearance of time happens on my watch as does a few flecks of fly shit from time to time. But other than that there are these:

It looks like another 13 people got shot by some mad person in downtown Austin, Texas recently. Didn’t I read somewhere that some idiots in Texas are trying to get a law passed allowing anybody who wants to buy a gun and tote it around wherever they go without having to get a license or have a background check or anything like that? Yeah, maybe that is the kind of laws we need more of in America … aren’t we getting a little bit overpopulated anyway?

I guess the “Egg-Spurts” are predicting that we are going to have an unusually violent summer of gun violence this year. I don’t know if they are simply predicting it or if they actually want to see it happen …. such things do sell a lot of newspapers, books and magazines, after all …. don’t they? I guess the preoccupation with penile appendages is on the uptick now and guns do fill the bill as substitutes for penises in some folks.

By the way — talking about predictions ….. I am predicting that parts of Texas (Around the area of Fort Worth and other places) is going to experience heat waves this summer with temperatures far exceeding those found in the Death Valley area. Remember, you heard it here first! I am predicting those temperatures will range from a low of 114-degrees Fahrenheit to as much as 140-degrees Fahrenheit. Let us see how good a weather prophet I am.

Back to the gun thing for a minute — The “Egg-Spurts” are telling us something we all already know …. “America has a gun problem.” Here is something that I want to tell The American People about this and I am not even an expert — “Nothing is ever going to change! The gun problem we have now is only going to get worse and nothing will ever get done about it. Take that to the bank and stop bitching, moaning and whining about the gun problem!

As you can tell, I am getting political again — I might as well get political because nobody seems to care about anything else I put on here.

So if you want some sane commentary on what is happening in the world, just come here for a few minutes once in awhile and I will try to stimulate your interest and imagination with more of my off color, eccentric views about the world and the shit that happens in it.

Author: John American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

2 thoughts on “It Happens On My Watch”

  1. That ‘gun problem’ is to our own making and none want a solution… I agree with you….stop bitching and moaning unless you are willing to do something about the problem. chuq

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