The Infinitudinal Aspects Of Lid Lifting Retrospection

There is either a psychology or a psychosis connected with the common impulse to lift heavy lids and observe things beyond comprehension. That is the first aspect that strikes everyone on awakening in the morning. If this is over your head stop and think for a moment.

I have never decided whether these aspects are horizontal or longitudinal but I do know they have their beginnings in the dark deep recesses of the valvular motion of the synapses and move on through the wavelengths of the neurological troposphere somewhere in the vast recesses of one or more of the cranial lobes.

This is basic academia so do not pretend to be confused. Follow the logic.

The whole of the definitive nature of this discussion is something like the persistence of memory or of an army of mindless black ants residing in the depths of a discarded pancake. It is more etymological than it is metaphysical. Nonetheless it does pertain to all living things and more so to the human being.

The “Why” of it is not as important sometimes as the “Where” of it and the “When” of it is immutably always concretely in the ever-present realm of “Now.”

So do contemplate all this and render your theses below.

Thank you.

Author: John American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

One thought on “The Infinitudinal Aspects Of Lid Lifting Retrospection”

  1. It is a very long time since I lifted a heavy lid to look inside. In fact, the last time was around five years ago, when I had to lift the inspection cover on our drains to try to discover why the water wasn’t running away properly.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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