Imagine, Think, Learn

I wonder what I would look like to other people if I had a large, beautiful, fragrant daisy growing out of one of my eye sockets. Would people notice? Would they comment? Would they be envious of me?

Why do some sea anemones look so much like Jackson Pollack paintings? If ever I paint another picture, remind me to start with fishing worms as a subject.

Part of the things I want to do on my bucket list includes pissing off the edge of The Grand Canyon. Is there anybody reading this post who has ever done that? I think it would be more acceptable to do it there than it would off a very high building in a large city where there are people walking many stories below.

A chocolate donut lying on a piece of white paper is often a disgusting image because it reminds me of defecate.

The last time a young man wearing a white tee-shirt was photographing me with his expensive camera, I was fixated on the sunlight glinting off his left ear … and actually shining through the skin when he moved his head a certain way.

When is the last time you actually took the time to closely examine the blossom of a Holly Hock … really took your time to note every detail .. the veins in the petals … the color …the smell … the feel.

I parked my multi-colored bicycle in front of a very colorful mural on the side of a building in the city and could never find my bike again …

When everybody (Except the fools) were wearing their face masks during the pandemic, I had to wonder a lot of times, “Does that man have a beard? Does that woman have a beard? I thought about wearing my mask to cover my crotch just for effect … but I thought better of it ….you never know how people are going to react to creativity.

I came upon a young lady dressed in a completely white outfit from head to toe with her head turned away from me so that all I could see was hair. I did not think that was unusual until she turned to look at me and all I could still see was hair — no face at all — just long brown hair! This sight made the hair in my arm pits, on my groin, in my ears, in my nose, on the back of my neck and in the crack of my anus stand straight up because it was so shocking.

I know a guy who owns a coffee cup that flushes like a toilet whenever the handle is pressed with some pressure. I find that to be totally appropriate too because the coffee this guy makes is always crap!

If you had your choice of a hammer that lays on its side or one that stands up on the edge of the head, which would you consider to be the more adept at driving nails?

I know for sure that owls can turn their heads almost completely around but I saw an owl once that could keep his head in one position and rotate his body in a total revolution.

One time not too long ago, I came across this young black man sitting on a park bench wearing the nicest-looking sweater I have ever seen. Once I got close enough I found out that the sweater was one big complicated tattoo.

Author: John American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

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