Tired Of The Same Old Thing
After awhile, one gets tired of the same old thing and that is why I make so many changes to this blog all the time. I have been trying for more than 10 years now to please a blog audience and I have been blessed with three or four wonderful people who are very faithful in supporting my efforts and I have to say that I am more than blessed and thrilled to have these dedicated readers who I also consider to be my valuable Internet friends.

But sometimes a person has to face facts and I guess one of the facts that I have to face is that I am not a good blogger. But that is alright because I am sure there are a whole lot of other mediocre bloggers out there besides myself.

So here I am with another change in the blog and I think I will keep this one for awhile because it does not make the blog seem like it wants to attract a lot of attention. I have always believed that if I write something on this blog, the fates will cause the people who are destined to read it to find it and read it. “If You Write It They Will Come.” So I am going to follow my gut instincts from here on out and blog about things that seem important at the time and yes, this means that I will be reverting to my old vitriolic and virulent political self a lot of the time.

I love to vent if nothing else.

By the way — while it is still fresh in what is left of my mind, there was a terrible lightning/wind storm here last night. It literally shook the house. There was hail too. The sirens were wailing. But a tornado did not come here even though my son and his family fled their abode to seek shelter elsewhere. (They called me on the telephone to tell me about it.)

Unusual weather we’re having, isn’t it?

Author: John

https://linesbyliming.com/ American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

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