I Am Not Dependent Yet

People are living longer than ever before and because of this, “Independent Living” becomes a real concern because the chances are that a whole lot of folks over the age of 80 have a very good chance of spending a lot of their remaining years in the care of other people.

That is not something I have thought too much about because, for some reason, unknown to me (Cross my fingers) I am still active and healthy. I know it could all change in the flash of a single moment of time but for now, I can still do most of the things I have always done and none of those tasks have become a problem as of yet.

I will admit that I do use a “Grab Bar:” when I am in the shower because, for some reason unknown to me, a little soap in my eyes and the rush of warm water on my brow sometimes tend to make me feel a little disoriented. So, not wishing to fall in the shower and break a bone or something, I hang onto the grab-bar most of the time I am in the shower. (Call it preventative maintenance if you wish.)

A year or so ago, I gave up riding my hybrid bicycle because I discovered that it really tired me out too much. In prior years, I could ride that thing for 30 miles or more at a stretch without hardly feeling it. But last time I got on it, I noticed that climbing hills was harder now and when I came home from a ride of about 8 miles, I climbed into my bed and slept like a baby for hours. I haven’t touched the bicycle since even though I have been tempted on occasions. But I can still “Power Walk” for considerable distances and that is what I do as often as the weather permits.

The pandemic caused me to cancel my membership at a local gym because I didn’t relish the idea of exercising at close quarters with other people. But since the safety restrictions are being lifted now, I am thinking of getting my gym membership back because I like to do some resistance exercises with weights and some training on certain machines in the gym. I miss it. I found that a mere 30 minutes in the gym kept me in top trim — and I really need to get back to it.

Earlier I was talking about the days when we might become dependent on other people for our care if we get old and frail. That is one of the reasons I have always exercised … even just a little … so that I could keep limber and strong. It seems to have worked out for me. I have been doing this faithfully ever since I was 16 years of age.

All this is another reason that I have always faithfully taken my vitamins and minerals, my wheat germ oil, extra vitamin C and protein supplements.

Now I am not prescribing that anybody do any of the things that I talk about on this blog and you really need to read my blog disclaimer at this point:

Here is my blog disclaimer: https://american-liberal-times.com/dislcaimers/

Even though I am overweight according to all the official weight charts found in the doctors’ offices, I seem to be fairly healthy and able to do things that other people my age cannot dream of doing. Either I am blessed or I have done something right for a lot of persistent years.

The one thing I have never wanted to do was be dependent on my children. It has been reported that the burden of caring for elderly parents falls on their children and I do not want that to happen to me. I have some hope because I am a Veteran and there are lots of programs for Veterans out there and some of those programs are geared toward providing life support and care services for ageing veterans.

I find it helps me to keep my mind active. That is one of the reasons that I blog … to keep my mind working at some degree of efficiency. (Sometimes when you read some of the stuff I write, you may wonder if I have succeeded in keeping my mind sharp or not… but I can still type 90 words per minute on a keyboard … if that helps. (Thank God for “Auto-Correct.)!

By the way — If you have read this far — there is a picture at the beginning of this article … a drawing of a man with a chart-board that says “Retirement Plan.” A lot of people have told me they cannot see the pictures on my blog. If you can see the picture on this blog will you do me the favor of leaving a comment and letting me know? I would appreciate that a whole lot.

Author: John

https://linesbyliming.com/ American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

6 thoughts on “I Am Not Dependent Yet”

  1. I can see the picture, John.
    I am finding it harder to get out of the bath now, (I prefer baths to showers still) and find myself ‘thinking about it’, before making the move to get out. I usually hold onto the nearby sink to steady myself as I stand up. And I am only 69, so you are doing well.
    Blogging and writing keeps my mind working, and walking Ollie keeps my legs working. As long as I can do both of those, I am happy enough.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pic looks fine to me.
    I told myself puzzles would keep my mind active in retirement (I wrote a blog post about it). I tackled different types of puzzle in retirement that I’d always thought before would be too hard for me. (You never know till you try.)
    But most of these rely on left-brain thinking: logic and numbers. That is why I started writing. (You never know till you try.) It was partly an attempt to improve my recall of those words I know are there somewhere in the pea soup of my brain, but I can’t fish them out when I want them.
    Don’t know if it’s helping; haven’t met many people to converse with in lockdown. I use the online thesauruses a lot. 😦

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