Shift In Focus — Again

I have been writing about everything under the Sun on this blog for a lot of years now and I have been avoiding one of the most important things in life … something that I am very much into …. something that everyone will be “In To” if they live long enough. And what is that mysterious thing I am talking about? It is “Ageing” the inevitability of getting older … sometimes a whole lot older …It is one of those sometimes less and sometimes more kind of things.

I think I will talk more about the adventure of getting older. I think I am pretty well qualified since I will be 83 years old if I live until July 8 of this year. (2021). Maybe there are some “Elderly” (Older) (Geriatric) (Ageing) folks somewhere in the universe of the world wide web who might be interested in the subject. (Maybe not.) It is not something I am particularly fascinated by but it is something that I seem to be stuck with … and trust me, I am not complaining!

I got out of bed this morning feeling blessed because (1) I could actually get out of bed without anybody having to help me, (2) I got to the bathroom and took my own shower without falling in the floor, (3) I had a great breakfast of oatmeal, walnut pieces and blueberries, and (4) I walked for 4 miles at a pretty hefty pace. (We call it “Power Walking.” My Blood pressure was 118 over 61 and my heart rate was 61 — and I can breathe easily — Yes, I feel blessed.

Lunch today is going to be grilled chicken breast and at least a part of a large sweet potato. Dinner will be vegetable soup, a portion of steamed salmon and a salad with dinner roll.

It dawned on me yesterday that most of the people I went to school with are now dead …. most of my friends are either dead or moved to the ends of the universe …. my kids are all grown and have families of their own …. Clerks in grocery stores are calling me “Sweetie” now … as if I were a child … but I have to admit that I like the attention from those younger chicks … most of them kind of ignored me altogether when I was younger. Age does have some benefits, although it no longer affords the luxury of “Friends With Benefits.” LOL.

It seems to me that I got a lot older a lot faster during the years that Trump was president. Trump didn’t appear to age at all during those years but most of the rest of us did, didn’t we?

When I was younger I had a wife to sleep beside me at night and now I have a stuffed toy alligator, a stuffed toy skunk, a stuffed toy Owl and a few others …. “Froggie” my little green stuffed frog doll ….And people dare to call me “Eccentric” when they find all this out about me. I used to have a “Pillow” that I slept with but now I have a bed filled with pillows, some to sleep on and some to cuddle …. It is a secure feeling … I am painting a sign for my front yard which will read, “This House Protected By Vicious Guard Pillows.”

I have decided that it is time for me to lose some weight. I have been battling the bulge since I was 21-years-old, sometimes getting the scale down a little and then watching it rise again. I guess I am not a creature with a lot of will power. I wonder if any of us really are possessed of a lot of will power. I just love to eat. I love wonderful things to eat. But I am kicking it at 241 pounds and I need to get down to at least 200 somehow and I am working on it. I did get it down to 229 last year. My doctor was pleased with that. I had wanted it to get down to 185 … but alas! I passed my last stress test with flying colors so maybe I shouldn’t be so concerned.

Well, it is Sunday morning right now … and I guess I will sign off for the time being. If something earth shaking happens I will be back to talk about it.

Until then …

Remember who loves you.

Author: John American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

2 thoughts on “Shift In Focus — Again”

  1. Give it another ten years… The aches creep up on you and suddenly they’re there – and multipying!

    I have dogs instead of pillows (although my husband is on the other side of the dogs and ageing faster than I at 74 – ten years younger than you are – but even more attached to the dogs. Dogs are probably what brought us together – second marriage for both of us.) The list of familiar names in the obituaries pages of his magazine for retired colleagues is longer each quarter and his fitness-enthusiast ex-partner died last year of an unexpected heart attack two weeks after his last bupa screening gave him a clean bill of health.
    For me, weight has been a lifelong battle, but nowadays the kids and the grandchildren don’t seem bothered, and it’s only me who cares if I ever get back into those clothes at the back of the wardrobe.
    Ageing has it’s benefits. I haven’t felt the need for mascara since I retired, and it’s SO NICE to be able to rub my eyes when they itch, without trying to avoid the eyelashes.

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