How Are You All Doing?

Getting Old Is No Damn Fun
Worrying all the time about arrhythmias and weight gain — There are a thousand and one reasons for me to say this morning that “The Golden Years” are more like the “Brass” years or the “Rust” years.” There are, however, still plenty of times when the sunshine outranks the darkness. There is consolation in those times.

Why Follow The Rules At All?
In case you haven’t noticed, the deck is stacked against us most of the time no matter what it is that we try to do. There is always somebody out there with a set of standards designed to keep all the good results of every effort in the hands of the privileged classes. The only time this is not true is when the rules that apply to any situation are balanced in favor of the ruling (Wealthy) classes. But take heart! If you are among the common folks out here you can rest assured that when it comes time to pay higher taxes or send your kids off to a war somewhere, you will have every opportunity to do so.

People Are Getting So Incredibly Lazy
Have you had the experience of trying to hire someone to do some work lately? I went looking for someone to clean the gutters out on our house and was surprised to find that a lot of people didn’t even return my calls even when I openly advertised on a neighborhood web site. I am thinking that the government is feeding too many bums with their hand out programs and that this is causing people to want to freeload and not lift a finger to help themselves. The next time somebody asks me if I want to support this or that organization to help the poor I am going to tell them to shove it up their asses!

How About “Justin’s Links?”
I think the blog named, “Justin’s Links” is just about the neatest thing I have ever seen. As you may know, the author of “Justin’s Links,” Justin Hall, is known widely as the father of modern blogging because, as I have heard, he is the first person to have started a blog on the internet. So today, I have made some more changes to my own blog in an attempt to look a little more like Justin’s. I hope it works out. It sure feels light and airy and nice to me. By the way, here is a link to Justin’s blog —-

Author: John American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

3 thoughts on “How Are You All Doing?”

  1. I tried to get a gardener to tidy up the front of the house. It involved doing a lot of weeding on a gravel driveway, a job I can no longer do with Vertigo, as it involves too much bending. Only one guy out of three I arranged to see actually showed up. He said he didn’t want the job, because it would ‘take me too long to do it”.

    On the other side of that coin, I do have a very efficient electrician who works well at a fair price, and a local plumber who will come out anytime, to fix anything. He has no callout fee, and only charges for the work that needs to be done.

    Best wishes, Pete.

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