Things And More Things

Horrible Pesky Destructive Creatures

Fellow blogger, Cathy Cade speaks about getting rid of annoying pests on her more-than-fascinating blog which you can access here — and so I thought I might as well talk about my own experiences with insecticides and such.

We have a mole problem right now and we decided to get some mole poison. After applying the mole poison I felt a little twinge of morbid guilt about my homicidal move until I was told, “You did the right thing.”

The only other alternatives to this was to trap the creatures. So then after I trap them then what? Put them over in a neighbor’s yard? I trow not! Take them down to the river and release them? Nope! So I hve to live with my guilt secure in the knowledge that I might have done something to save this massive “Properly Maintained” lawn on which sits my estate.


Ghost Hunting Fever
There are a lot of people where I live who have recently expressed interest informing a “Ghost Hunting” club. I have always had an interest in ghosts and such but I am of the opinion that a whole group of people running around looking for spirits would end up diluting the whole experience and cheapening it.

The upside, of course, is that the proposed “Club” might give people opportunity to meet other like-minded people. The downside to all that is that I am reclusive and not entirely in favor of meeting new people.

Watch Out For Dangerous “Murder” Hornets
So far I guess … the dangerous “Murder Hornets” have confined themselves to the State of Washington in The United States. But that does not mean that they cannot spread. Horrible things have a habit of spreading and causing havoc. Here is what a murder hornet looks like:

Just click on the link above.

Some Of Us Have Paid Our Share
When I say this over on Reddit, I could not help but to post it for you:

Went Crazy Eating Today
I spent a couple of weeks watching my diet real closely so that I could get a good blood test at the doctor today. So once the blood test was over I went and got a huge apple fritter, weighing in at 7 ounces — That absolutely has to be the last indulgence for the day or I will be back on the fat train in no time. I have no willpower at all unless I am closing a financial deal or something. We shall see how this turns out. The fritter was breakfast. There is still lunch to think about.

What If The Vaccines Heal Things?
All the anti-vaccination people are always blowing on about how vaccines are dangerous and can have drastic (Even fatal) side effects years down the road after the fact. Of course there is no evidence of that and really no way to chart it accurately even if it were true. But that is not my question about the vaccines. I have a different question about them: “What is the covid-19 vaccines actually heal some underlying health issues that were active before the subject received the vaccinations? What if things like heart murmurs and blood pressure issues were actually benefited or even resolved because of the vaccines? Nobody that I have heard about has even come forward with that thought as yet.

The Ultimate Filet Mignon
I have heard that some upscale restaurants charge as much as $41 to 46-dollars for a superbly cooked filet mignon steak at around 8-ounces to 12-ounces in weight. Now that speaks to me in volumes of desire! I want to go somewhere like Ruth Chris Steakhouse (I am not being compensated for mentioning Ruth Chris) and try one of their steaks for myself. I do not know if this is their price range but I hear they are really swell places to eat steak and I want to go and try one for myself … and I will … soon!

City Governments Don’t Care —
I hear a lot of people complaining about how the property taxes are always going up in the communities in which they live. The problem that I hear most about from these folks is, “If these taxes keep going up, I am going to get to the point where I won’t be able to live here anymore.

News Flash! — There are some city governments who don’t care whether their citizens can keep up with ever-increasing taxes. There are some city governments who do this on purpose in order to force the lower income people out and to make more space for the wealthy to move in. It’s all about the money, you see. This often hardest on the elderly on fixed incomes. It is shameful but it is the American way for the times in which we are living.

Living On The Edge Of Disaster
After fasting faithfully for my routine blood test at the doctor today, I went nuts and went to an Italian Restaurant and ordered two strombolis ,,, one for me and one for my friend Jim. When I got them home and opened the box I was shocked to see how big these things are. I said to myself, “No human being can ever eat a whole stromboli all by themselves” so I cut mine in half. It still weighed in at 6 ounces and a whopping 710 calories.! I thought to myself, “That’s it! That’s the last bite I am going to put into my mouth today. This thing is nothing but fat and calories with all the sausage and cheese and everything! Total dietary disaster waiting to happen! But I ate my half anyway and it was good!

Author: John American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

3 thoughts on “Things And More Things”

    1. Actually I am getting to the point where I am beginning to believe that all Italian cooking tastes exactly the same …the flavors of basil, sausage, pepperoni — what can change?

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  1. Thanks for the share. We get moles across our garden in the Fens, and great molehills that Ruff the terrier digs into. He brought me a dead mole a week ago, which I’m sure he hadn’t dug out of a molehill because they don’t work like that.
    At the moment we’re away from home and our neighbour sent a message yesterday to say he’d checked out fishponds and fished out a lot of willow leaves and ‘a mole who had lost the breaststroke race’ (his words).
    A previous neighbour put down mole traps that worked like rat traps to kill, but he never caught any. I’m hoping nobody’s poisoning the rats in the dyke because the dogs pick up the bodies.
    We’ve had an increase in sparrowhawks around home, so maybe they’ve been catching them and dropped a couple.

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