Rules Be Damned!

I’m Throwing Out The Book
No more struggling over a long blog posts! From now on, I am going to ignore every piece of professional blogging advice and do what I want to do the way I want to do it. This means that I will blog once a day or twice a day or a dozen times a day or a hundred times a day or not at all for days and days.

Neger again look for any signs of consistency on this blog. I have tried consistency and it doesn’t work! Now I am going rogue and see if that works any better.

The good part is that admittedly superior intellect will still be shocking, controversial, virulent and profane. I know people like that whether they want to admit it or not because when I am at my best being a total asshole about everybody and everything, the stats for the blog go through the roof …. and I have even caught those who claim that I am offensive and that they are never going to read my blog again sneaking back to take another look from time to time.

So then this is Number One for today.

Don’t even try to keep up!

Love and appreciate you,


Author: John American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

2 thoughts on “Rules Be Damned!”

  1. I’m put off by long posts. I also tend to stop emails from the blogging gurus who post several times a day. (I wonder if we’ve been reading the same blogging guru?)
    And if I can’t think of anything to post about, I don’t post (although I am now trying to get at least one off a week.)

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