Here in the place where I live, we are preparing for the Independence Day holiday and the lawbreaking neighbors are busily shooting off their illegal fireworks. They do this every year and even though shooting off privately-owned fireworks is illegal here, they do it anyway. I am sure I will soon be seeing all the notices in the newspaper about all the kids that lost an eye or a finger from this activity. The parents do not seem to care. They defend their lawlessness in the name of “Their Rights” as Americans.

I learned something about cooking today. I learned how to take the toughest possible cut of beef and make it as tender as if it were a chef-prepared filet mignon.

The process begins by excessively tenderizing the beef cut (Best that the cut is one inch or more in thickness) with a Jaccard meat tenderizer and then grilling the meat (Steak or London Broil or thick slices of top round roast) at a temperature of 450 to 500-degrees for 4 or 5 minutes per side. If you don’t know what a Jaccard meat tenderizer is you can google “Jaccard Tenderizer” and find a picture and a description.

If you can learn this technique, you will enjoy some very tender and flavorful steaks at much less cost than if you purchased the more expensive steak cuts.

Since I am trying to lose a few pounds of bodyweight, I discovered today that ham is probably one of the least fattening meats you can buy. It is also good for protein. So for the next few days it is going to be ham and eggs for breakfast for me.

I went to the VA today for my six month routine checkup and got a clean bill of health.

That is about all that happened to me today so now it is time for bed and we will see what tomorrow brings if, in deed, tomorrow comes.

Author: John American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

6 thoughts on “Fireworks”

  1. Our old Staffie was terrified of fireworks and some dork at the back of our London suburb flat insisted on settting them off at any opportunity (also illegal here except for certain times of the year).
    We live most of the time surrounded by fields and she was also terrified of the bird scarers at planing time. and thunderstorms.
    This got worse as she got older until, in her last couple of years, she went deaf. She regularly lost us when we were out on walks in the forest, but the one blessing of her deafness was that she no longer heard the thunder, bird scarers or fireworks.
    Thankfully neither of our present terriers are bothered by bangs.

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  2. Private fireworks on your own property are not illegal here, though most people go to organised displays on our annual ‘Firework Night’, which is the 5th of November.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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