Noodling Along Aimlessly

Don’t let the title of this post throw you … maybe if we both noodle along a little bit aimlessly something will rise from the depths of our subconscious mind and we might learn something we never thought of before.

Those Horrible Text Colors
It seems that most website designers prefer to torture their readers by presenting their written text in one form of horrid gray or the other but, for some reason known only to them, they eschew black like it was a plague — and black is the color that is sorely needed for easy reading on websites.

What I am talking about here is definitely a web design problem and Google doesn’t seem to care either. I often think that if I present my blog posts in all bold type then it would be easier to read but a lot of people find that idea to be eye-straining and tedious … so I avoid it.

I couldn’t Help But Laugh Out Loud

It looks like some idiot’s illegal fireworks didn’t work out so well ….LOL

r/pics - My neighbors were the 4th of July idiots

Are Apples Appetite Suppressants?
I have been told that if you want to eat less at meals, then eat an apple before sitting down to the table and the apple will make sure that you do not eat as much during the meal. I don’t know about that but I do know that I am going to try it out and see whether it works or not.

Actually since most of the apples for sale around here are gassed by supermarkets to keep them fresh longer and are as tough as shoe leather, I am going to use my high-speed electric smoothie maker to reduce a mixture of water and an apple to a readily consumable foam drink. I will try to remember to tell you how this works out.

Before My Jog This Morning
Before I went out for my 2-mile walk/power-walk-jog this morning I made a smoothie to drink in order to test whether or not it would help me to do the exercise any better or easier.

Here is what I mixed up in my high-speed smoothie blender:

1 8-ounce glass milk
1 scoop whey protein powder
1 tablespoon viobin wheat germ oil
1 tablespoon flax seed meal
1 medium banana
Total calories just a little more than 600.

I do believe that the smoothie made things work a little better for me on the walking adventure this morning. The whole thing seemed to go a lot faster for me and I wasn’t as tired as normal after getting back into the house again.

I Discover Beef Jerky Again
Recently I have begun buying beef jerky again after years of neglecting it.

Back in my range-riding days out West, I often took beef jerk along with me for lonely times out on ranges and prairies.

Today it seems like a lot of manufacturers have begun making this stuff again but it is kind of pricey. I have recently paid as much as One Dollar per ounce for it but if you like something price is not an object, is it?

I did find one Jerky maker who advertises their product as “Cattleman’s’ Cut” with a slogan, “Where steak meats glory” (Or something of that nature) and the ingredient label doesn’t mention beef at all. It is a pork product but it tastes good and has a great texture so I am not too distressed at the little bit of misunderstanding on my part.

4-star Bedbugs
As the pandemic begins to slacken up a little bit, I went shopping for a hotel suite in a major 4-star-rated hotel in downtown in a large city near where I live. I am talking about a room that costs a minimum of Two Hundred Dollars per night, mind you.

Then I found out that there had been several reports of bedbugs having been found in that very hotel and so I did not make reservations there. After this, I found out that a lot of iconic American hotels are having the same problems and that it is costing them millions of dollars a year (collectively) to address the situation.

I don’t guess I will be staying in many hotels anytime soon. I did find one in a new riverfront development but the room rate is $999 per night and I am not really interested in buying the hotel … only interested in staying in it for a night or two … but if I want to spend that kind of money I will go to Las Vegas and get something really swell for the bucks. (And get a free gourmet meal or two thrown in by the casinos as well.) I love casino food.

The “Like” buttons seem to be a little farther down on this article than on most of them. I don’t have a clue as to why.

Author: John American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

6 thoughts on “Noodling Along Aimlessly”

  1. I th ink the point about eating an apple first is that your jaw gets fed up with chewing. Also it takes a while for your stomach to make contact with your brain and tell it you’ve had enough. The apple hits your stomach long before you get to eat what you want to, thereby making you think you’ve eaten more.
    And apples are so tasteless now! (I use them in morning smoothies and always eat a bit in the hope of finding one that tastes like apples used to.)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I also like black type on a white background. Anything else is becoming increasingly harder for me to read now. I’m not a fan of beef jerky though, so you are welcome to that. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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