Enhancing Canned Soups

Soup that comes in a can is economical but sometimes it lacks a little something. I am writing this blog post to share how I go about enhancing my canned soups to make them more flavorful and satisfying to my delicate, but well-trained palate.

Let us use common beef-vegetable soup as our example.


I start with a can or two of those soups that bill themselves as “Chunked.” I have discovered that “Chunked” often means that you can actually identify the vegetables in the soup. LOL.

So, setting to canned soup aside somewhere convenient for awhile let us start the process of enhancement. Remember we are dealing with two regular sized cans of soup here.

First step: Cut two large potatoes, two carrots, a couple of celery sticks and a large round sweet onion into bite-sized pieces and steam them for 8 to 10 minutes or more in a stovetop steamer.

I got my steamer from Amazon and I have to say right now that I am not being compensated in any form by either Amazon or the manufacturer of the steamer. If you want a closer look at the steamer, here is a description that you can find on the website “Amazon” —“Mr Captain Steamer & Nonstick Saucepan(3 Quart)With Lid, 18/10 Stainless Steel Sauce Pan, Suitable for All Stovetops Small Pot Induction Compatible Dishwasher/Oven Safe”

Second step: Braise about a quarter pound or a little more of top round beef steak on the stovetop until it is fall-off-the-fork tender. This is probably the longest part of the process. It might take as long as One and a half hours ….Check it at One hour and go from there.

When the vegetables and the beef are done to your satisfaction, add them to the canned soups in a large saucepan or a kettle or some kind on the stove top and heat the whole mess through ….. Bring it all to a boil, but do not let it boil for more than a minute or two.

Now you have what I call “Enhanced Soup” and I have even had guests ask me if I made it from scratch.

Author: John

https://linesbyliming.com/ American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

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