Gritting My Teeth

I finally made it to my 83rd year and frankly, I feel about as good now as I did many years ago … and I cannot chalk it all up to clean living because I haven’t always been that much of a clean living advocate … but I think I can charge it all up to a few things that I believe I will share now …..

When I was 16 years old, I started lifting weights and reading books by all the famous body builders of the era … that was in the 1950s and 60s. My favorites were Joe Weider and Bob Hoffman.

Now that I am 83-years-old, I find that I am still lifting light weights (To maintain muscle structure and tone) and doing all the walking and jogging exercises that I have always done …. just not as much and not as often …. but I feel all this stuff still benefits me greatly — at least I am highly-mobile and I live independently. That is a positive if ever I heard of one.

So this very morning, I threw a cup of fresh frozen assorted berries into a high speed electric blender along with a cup of milk and two scoops of whey protein powder and made myself a smoothie ….. I like the morning protein smoothie because it propels my morning work out …. my morning walk-jog-rest-walk-jog routine. My walking routine takes me over 12 city blocks and takes about an hour —- sometimes less ….. depending on how energized I feel.

The smoothie works out to about 400 calories. I shoot for a daily calorie intake of 1700 calories or less.

Since I have always preferred a relatively high protein/low carbohydrate diet for my own use, I tend to have a little protein of some kind at every meal …. fish, lean meats, chicken and turkey and fish ….rarely ever fried … mostly baked, broiled or boiled …. or air fried in an air fryer … or grilled on a grill.

Along with the protein, I insure at least a salad …. or a baked, boiled, grilled or steamed vegetable of some kind ….. I find that sweet potatoes are high in fiber, satisfy appetite for extended periods of time ….taste good ….help the digestive process …. a lot of good things come from sweet potatoes.

At this point, I believe it is time for you to read my disclaimer again so that I don’t get accused of telling people how to eat and exercise … I am not doing that — I am telling you what works for me …. Here is the disclaimer: —-

Then there is the water intake …. I always make sure to drink at least 5 glasses of the purest drinking water I can find ….some people need more than that …. when it is really hot weather I need a lot more than that …. but I have to be careful with water for two reasons …. (1) Most elderly people forget to drink enough water and dehydrate easily …. (2) If too much water is taken in there is such a thing as water toxicity and that is no fun at all —-

For my own personal routines, I avoid caffeinated coffee preferring decaf instead and I always watch my alcohol consumption very carefully usually having one drink every few weeks or months instead of regularly. Early in my life I discovered that over-indulgence in alcohol and sexual activity tended to have a negative effect on my exercise goals and gains.

There is a whole lot more but I think I have covered enough of the basics of my routine to give you an idea.

Still running strong at 83!

Author: John American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

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