Our Disintegrating Intellectualism

Let’s have some thinkers …. some people skilled in the art of critical thinking …. come aboard and ponder some potential truisms about the fact and fantasy of modern education and its effects in America today.

There is a fallacious idea about education, intellect, intelligence and intellectualism loose in America today that allows the vulnerable to know enough to think they are right about almost everything but not have the sense and presence of mind to know when they are wrong.

This is how tyranny gains its first tenuous steps in a Democracy and is a prime example of how Donald J. Trump hoodwinked so many people and rose to power. But the Trump mess was just one example of how this erosion of actual knowledgeable perception occurs.

Every one of us is little more than a by product of the summation of all our experiences in life — and all our experiences in life are filtered through a unique and individual perception which is distorted in one way or another by the variants contained within the culture to which we are exposed every day we live.

The degree to which we have control over those variables that we encounter day by day is diluted by the influences of peers, family members, business associates, teachers, professors, media and ego and each of these resources is capable of misinforming our common sense so that we may come to believe that what we think we see at any given time and in any given situation is reality.

The truism here is that one person’s fantasy is another person’s reality. One persons’s lie is another person’s truth. There is no such animal as a totally unbiased viewpoint. It is impossible to be unbiased because bias is the basis of our daily communication with all the world around us. The concept of “Pure of Heart” is impossible because there is always a tainting factor in the complex mixture of events and circumstances that shape each of our lives.

Most of us go through this life merely accommodating and accepting things. Too many of us individual human beings lack the capacity to think beyond the obvious ….This is not a naturally derived circumstance of life … it is a product of conditioning … conditioning by our respective socio-economic-geo and political positioning within the boundaries of being human.

I think I am safe in saying that whenever someone is arguing with us using “Facts” and “Figures,” the facts and figures they generally use are facts and figures that support their own point of view exclusively. So when two individuals spouting facts and figures to prove their case come together in an attempt to convince or to make a case, it can be safely assumed that both are either right or both are entirely wrong. It is bias that will make the decision about which side of an argument is accepted and which is rejected and therein lies the secret of workable propagandas and/or public relations.

Sometimes, as we struggle, it becomes painfully obvious that the more we think we know, the less is actually clear to us.

All the knowledge of the world is readily obtainable today with the advances of technology and so the question arises, “Why are there so many stupid decisions being made all over the world?” You would think after a few thousand years of civilization that someone in power and with influence would have learned something by now.

Author: John

https://linesbyliming.com/ American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

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