Re-visiting The Magic Of Blogging

I look at this font I am using and it reminds me of my high school Typing class which is where the scent of printers’ ink first got into my blood. Who would have thought, at that time, that I would become a 16-year old publisher with an agreement with the local Business Men’s’ Association to do publicity work for them? That is but one part of a larger story however … and, for the purposes of this entry, is a digression. (Although a pertinent digression to be sure.)

So today we have texting, tweeting and blogging as emergent communications resources …. the ultra-short and unbearably compact tweet, the irritating and ever-present texting and the lengthier, more detailed, often partially or completely ignored “Blog.” Three genre … One purpose … communication in a swift and convenient manner …. most of which is engineered for the world’s ever-shortening attention spans.

I mean, really now, who needs “Canis lupus familiaris” when we have the simpler designation, “Dog?” I believe the former of the two here requires some advanced intellectual capabilities and the second is a bending of the knee to the lesser intellectually developed of the Homo Sapiens. While one begets the other, probably from necessity, it does not follow that either is dependent on the other because both are better understood within the bounds of their respective collective perceptions of the world around them.

So blogging then rises to the level of the least intellectually accomplished among us but still contains the inherent distinction of being a legitimate means of getting the message across to the most possible listeners (Readers, as it were.).

The original glory of blogging was that it allowed more time for meaningful and productive conversations on the Internet rather than being simply a mechanism to dump a message. Ironically, I believe that blogging has devolved, within the last couple of decades, into the latter of the two concepts. Kind of a negative or “Reverse” progression if you will.

Those afflicted with the habituation of “Skip Reading” may have some idea of what I am talking about.

The bloggers’ goal is to put news where it can gain the most attention. But that mission falls short when one considers how such news so placed is received by those who are meant to consume it. There is so much distrust of all forms of media these days that even the most carefully researched body of truth applied to a blog article can be refused by a great many otherwise knowing and understanding personages.

I have come to the conclusion that the main value of blogging is as therapy for the writers and occasionally entertainment for those who read blogs.

Author: John American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

7 thoughts on “Re-visiting The Magic Of Blogging”

  1. You mean there’s another reason for doing it?
    When I wrote about our dog’s sudden death from an unexplained fit, it helped me come to terms with the loss, but I can’t imagine the post was of use to any of its readers 9who were very kind anyway).
    That font is quite difficult to read on-screen.

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        1. Well, Cathy — I don’t know about you but I did because I was in the administrative side of both the military and business from 1958 until the computers came into vogue. Mountains of typewritten documents …manual typewriters too —Finally got my IBM selectric typewriter and was in 7th heaven …

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          1. Shares in Tippex went up when I was using a typewriter (you may call it something else in the US – liquid paper?) My handwriting is worse than a doctor’s. The word processor was a saviour.

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